2017 Product Roadmap

Written by JP La Torre

It’s a new year and that means even more features ahead. Here’s what we’ve heard from you and what’s top of mind for us in 2017.

Microsoft Azure (cloud)

Our goal has always been to provide a platform where our users can build once and deploy anywhere. Starting in Q1 2017, we have partnered with Microsoft to extend our footprint to Azure. For our users, this means you will be able to deploy workloads to Azure in addition to AWS.



We know how vital great documentation is. With so many API endpoints and core components changing over the past six months, we made a decision to put it on the backburner. No more!


Cost Estimation on Stacks (feature)

We will be introducing a cost estimation feature on stacks and databases so you can see an approximate monthly or hourly price before you click deploy.


Builds (feature)

We will be introducing a build feature that allows our users to auto-build containers from code.


Private Container Registries (service)

While DockerHub, Google Container Registry, and others remain great options – especially for popular public images [insert link to most popular container images] – there are often advantages to storing artifacts inside your own private container registry, hosted inside your own cloud. We believe, when combined with the new build feature, this will give our users a seamless end to end continuous delivery solution.


Monitoring (service)

Monitoring is a huge topic and is one of the most complex subjects you’ll encounter when deploying apps to production environments. We hear our users complain all the time about lack of visibility into their apps, containers, and infrastructure.

We don’t want to boil the ocean. We aren’t a monitoring company, but we do want to make developers’ lives easier. We will be introducing some simple yet effective monitoring options for our users, including adding support for great 3rd party monitoring providers.


Logging (service)

A close second behind monitoring, we’ve heard time and again how logging is difficult and broken for many of our users.

Starting with blueprints like simple ELK deployments and eventually extending to integration with popular 3rd party logging platforms, we’ll be looking for ways to make logging great again for our users!


CLI Toolbelt (feature)

We’ve built our REST API and GUI, but now we want to give you a CLI to compliment the way most of you already work and live, at the command-line.


ChatOps Integration (feature)


We love Slack and HipChat as much as you do. We’ve got plans to help you pipe in Caylent notifications to your favorite chat tools.


Custom Ansible (feature)

We currently use Ansible to power configuration management on each server. Currently, this is a thin deployment that installs Docker Engine and brings up a Swarm cluster with managers and workers.

This feature will allow our users to execute custom Ansible playbooks as part of that config process.


Custom CloudFormation (feature)

We use modular CloudFormation templates to provision resources in our users’ AWS accounts, from auto-scaling groups to EC2 instances. We want to give our users the option to specify their own CloudFormation scripts which we’ll then execute for them.


Teams (feature)

We want our users to be able to collaborate with their developers, DevOps engineers, and SREs in real-time. Teams will be able to share access to the same Stacks and App Collections. Admins will also be able to assign role-based permissions and access control policies.


Skunkworks Stuff

We have some awesome ideas that you’ve helped incubate. We’ll keep you in the loop with announcements as we begin to roll these out.

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