Ways to tune your #standupmeetings

7 Ways to Tune Your Standup Meetings

Standup meetings are essential to maintaining a well-oiled Agile/DevOps pipeline. Actually, while Scrum and standups were originally designed for use in software development, their application also works beyond this sole remit now for any complex project work. With that said, teams may still feel like they’re not getting the most out of their standup meetings. […]

Written by JP La Torre
How Will The #GDPR Affect Your US Business

How Will the GDPR Affect Your US Business

Though there is a Freedom of Information Act, legislation that provides public access to public information for complying international countries, there is also a right to privacy. This security need is the reason why various metrics are applied globally in different manners—and by individual governments—to protect the personal information of their citizens. The European Union […]

Written by JP La Torre
20 #Jenkins Plugins You Can't Live Without

20 Jenkins Plugins You Can’t Live Without

Jenkins is a Java-written open source server that can help you streamline your software development processes. It facilitates this through continuous integration (CI). Jenkins is the ultimate server in that it offers a straightforward way to configure CI and provides the complete foundation for working with any set of languages or source code repositories. Jenkins’ […]

Written by JP La Torre
Top 6 Solutions for Migration from #DockerCloud

Top 6 Solutions for Migration from Docker Cloud

Just two years after it’s release announcement, Docker Cloud has disconcertingly revealed that “runtime is being discontinued.” Which is more than a little tragic, since Docker Cloud was one of the first groundbreaking SaaS solutions using Docker Swarm as its underlying container orchestration mechanism. As of May 21st, users will no longer be able to […]

Written by JP La Torre
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Microservices: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Microservices have been bandied about in the past couple of years, but what are the real advantages and disadvantages to implementing and running them? Like any service architecture, there are pros and cons, benefits and tradeoffs. So, how do microservices compare against other application architectures like monoliths, service-oriented architecture (SOA), and functions? We’re here to […]

Written by JP La Torre

Reflecting on 2017

As the holiday season is underway and we reflect back on 2017, I’m very proud of the entire team at Caylent. Together, we’ve achieved a lot this past year. And we have our global users and the entire DevOps and container community to thank. Back in January 2017, we were working feverishly to implement a […]

Written by JP La Torre
Link to Caylent's Pricing Plan Page

Introducing Caylent Pricing Plans

Synopsis: This week, Caylent is introducing paid pricing tiers. Our CEO JP La Torre unveils the new pricing plans, explains the reasons behind this move, and examines how it will impact current users. Caylent Pricing Plan Changes Starting in Q1 2018, Caylent will no longer be free. New user accounts will have a 14-day free […]

Written by JP La Torre
EKS and Fargate Announcement at AWS re:Invent 2017

EKS and Fargate Announced at AWS re:Invent 2017

AWS re:Invent 2017 Recap: The annual Amazon Web Services conference boasted upwards of 40,000 attendees at the end of November last year. As well as adding an extra day of content, AWS re:Invent 2017 also required a significant footprint expansion to accommodate the large crowd of attendees. The event adopted another hotel and an additional […]

Written by JP La Torre

50+ Useful Docker Tools

The container ecosystem is growing and expanding faster than ever, and with so many Docker tools and services it can feel like a daunting task just understanding the available options. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, developer or DevOps engineer, SRE or platform architect, this list will be your companion guide to understanding the most […]

Written by JP La Torre
#HighAvailability #Docker Stack

Setup a High-Availability Docker Swarm Stack on AWS

Summary: In this article, you’ll find several CloudFormation templates. They will help you set up and deploy a High-Availability Docker stack so you can easily install Docker Swarm on AWS. You can have a Docker-ready environment in minutes by launching each stack in the order below. Satisfying DevOps best practices means repeatable infrastructure and application […]

Written by JP La Torre

High-Availability WordPress Cluster with Docker Swarm & EFS

Summary: In this article, we’ll cover step-by-step how to setup and deploy a High-availability WordPress cluster based on Docker Swarm and Amazon’s Elastic Filesystem (EFS). By following these simple steps, you’ll have a clean install of WordPress running on Docker Swarm: Create EFS volume Mount EFS globally Create RDS database Deploy WordPress Scaling WordPress WordPress […]

Written by JP La Torre

Caylent’s Netcapital Offering & Origin Story

To celebrate the recent success of surpassing our fundraising goal on Netcapital, here’s an insight into the mission behind Caylent and what makes it special. Netcapital is a private securities platform that opens the door for entrepreneurs everywhere to gain access to capital through their communities and users. Investment opportunities serve to align the economic […]

Written by JP La Torre

Creating a High-Availability Docker Swarm on AWS

Summary In six steps, you’ll have a cluster up and running: Install Docker Assign 3 managers for the Docker Swarm Add two nodes or ‘workers’ to the Swarm Discover how to view your Swarm status Run a test service across all machines Anybody that is already familiar with Docker knows the limitations of running standalone […]

Written by JP La Torre

DockerCon 2017 Recap: Everything You Need To Know

It’s the end of another amazing DockerCon conference, in Austin, TX. In case you were unable to attend this incredible 3-day event, here’s our wrap-up of the highlights, relevant news, exciting announcements and more. A full low-down on what you missed at this year’s conference. DockerCon’s Astronomical Growth The first noteworthy thing about this year’s […]

Written by JP La Torre

Caylent Exhibiting at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC

Caylent will be exhibiting at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC from May 15-17th. If you’re planning on attending, we’d like to invite you to stop by our booth to hang out with us and grab some free swag. We are going to be on the floor doing demos and we’d love to see you! Caylent is exhibiting […]

Written by JP La Torre

January 2017 Product Update

Significant changes and improvements are coming to Caylent as part of our upcoming v2 release. We’ve introduced a number of new features and updates that we hope you’ll love.

Written by JP La Torre

2017 Product Roadmap

It’s a new year and that means even more features ahead. Here’s what we’ve heard from you and what’s top of mind for us in 2017.

Written by JP La Torre

Create a Laravel Application in Docker

Our API is written in Laravel, and we run it in production using Docker. So naturally one of the first tasks we had for George, one of our Summer interns, was to familiarize himself with Docker to understand more about our stack. He picked it up fairly quickly, and we decided to turn his experience […]

Written by JP La Torre
Google Trends

The DevOps Myth: Just What Is DevOps?

DevOps should not and cannot exist in a vacuum. In order to be successful, it must be fully integrated across the organization and throughout the entire product lifecycle. The true magic of DevOps happens when you align development, operations, and IT teams in a cross-functional way. It’s often remarked that DevOps is not a role or a tool. This is true. It is a culture. DevOps, done correctly, is a collaborative effort between your whole team.

Written by JP La Torre

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