Randall Hunt

Randall Hunt, VP of Cloud Strategy and Innovation at Caylent, is a technology leader, investor, and hands-on-keyboard coder based in Los Angeles, CA. Previously, Randall led software and developer relations teams at Facebook, SpaceX, AWS, MongoDB, and NASA. Randall spends most of his time listening to customers, building demos, writing blog posts, and mentoring junior engineers. Python and C++ are his favorite programming languages, but he begrudgingly admits that Javascript rules the world. Outside of work, Randall loves to read science fiction, advise startups, travel, and ski.


93 Best AWS re:Invent Sessions from 2021

AWS publishes many of the best sessions on YouTube so we can learn at our leisure. In 2021 AWS released, by our count, 479 recorded sessions from re:Invent, or put another way, about 400 cumulative hours of video. That’s almost 17 days of continuous viewing (we may or may not have watched a few of these on 1.5x speed).