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#Kube in prod & dev2

Overcoming the Gap Between Kubernetes in Production and Kubernetes in Development

It is clear that using Kubernetes as a deployment format is now considered to be the way forward for many organizations. The growing number of tools designed to simplify deployment and maintenance, along with the community of developers and admins supporting clustering and containerizing tools like Kube and Docker, solidify the use of containers (pods, …

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#Cloudmigration best practices

Cloud Migration Best Practices: How to Move Your Project to Kubernetes

Moving your app or web services to the cloud is more of a must than an option these days. The cloud infrastructure we have available today is not only more capable and more stable, but also more scalable. By moving to the cloud, you gain a lot of benefits while also significantly reducing operational stress …

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leveraging #serverlessarchitecture

Leveraging Serverless Architecture

This post on leveraging serverless architecture was originally published here on Serverless computing, also known as serverless architecture, and sometimes just serverless, is a hot topic in computing right now. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, the big three when it comes to cloud computing, are all investing heavily in serverless architecture to provide continuous service …

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The Kubernetes Networking Model

Many web applications today consist of multiple containers, utilizing different Services from different places. Kubernetes effectively streamlines the process of implementing multi-container applications. With Kubernetes, the user can configure features on the container orchestration tool exactly how they want to combine different containers within a single app. Kubernetes then handles the process of rolling them …

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#Terraform #AWS

Terraform and AWS

Terraform has been a revelatory experience for many people new to the platform. The software offers a powerful approach to infrastructure automation. It is one of the most innovative examples of infrastructure as code (IAC) available today. Delivering a cloud-based approach to networking whereby cloud architecture is rendered entirely via code. Terraform helps configure cloud …

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DevOps and #DRY

DevOps and DRY

Formatting code correctly and adhering to best practices is crucial if you are developing software as part of a team. So, a good software developer needs to be mindful of the many and various conventions, both formal and informal, which exist for writing code. When everyone is using the same formatting and the same protocols, …

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#Kubernetes Pod Best Practices

Best Practices for Kubernetes’ Pods

Cloud computing is one of the most active and significant fields in modern computer science. For both businesses and individuals, it allows the kind of interconnectedness and productivity gains that can completely transform the way that we work and live. However, as anyone who uses cloud Services professionally can attest to, simply being on the …

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Spotlight on #Terraform

Spotlight on Terraform

Named from the Latin “terra” for earth plus ‘forming’, the Terraform software is designed for infrastructure shaping at its core. An open source infrastructure automation tool, Terraform completely changes the way that users approach virtualization in the cloud. Terraform is able to serve many of the same templating functions as CloudFormation on Amazon Web Services …

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How Your Project Will Take a Leap With Test-Driven Development

This post on how your project will take a leap with Test-Driven Development was originally published on DZone here. What Is Test-Driven Development? Test-driven development (TDD) refers to an approach in software development geared towards reducing errors and improving flexibility when designing applications. It is a process that encourages a quick, rapid, and fearless testing …

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#toptools for building #microservices

30+ Top Tools for Building Microservices on All Levels

There are many great articles out there on Microservices. For those who have been hiding under a rock about the controversial technique—or are new to the idea—this article simply aims to collate the top open source tools available in one handy place. Microservice architecture, or just microservices, is a highly scalable structural style for developing …

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Scaling Microservices: The Challenges and Solutions

The increasingly popular microservices model—by which software solutions are comprised of multiple modular components—is a very powerful and increasingly popular one. Not only does it allow for solutions to be formulated from the best individual components available, it also allows for the most effective services to be redeployed in different combinations. In this way, microservices …

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