Container Monitoring: Prometheus and Grafana Vs. Sysdig and Sysdig Cloud

#Containermonitoring: Prometheus and Grafana Vs. Sysdig and Sysdig Cloud

Since its debut in 2013, Docker has exploded in popularity, and the company has completely revolutionized the way we manage applications. Articles no longer discuss the reasons why you should be adopting containers, but speak more about dealing with the challenges involved with widespread container development. Containers add speed and boost performance within the development […]

Written by Stefan Thorpe

The DevOps Handbook: Introduction Summary to Everything You Need to Know

The #DevOpsHandbook: Introduction Summary to Everything You Need to Know

Want to read The DevOps Handbook but don’t have the time? Concerned it may be too technical? Or just overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the book? No fear. I’ve read the book, filtered through the information, and have drawn all the key points together. This way you can optimize your time and learn faster. […]

Written by Stefan Thorpe

5 Steps to Transformational Leadership

Since its inception, the DevOps movement has been praised for revolutionizing the collaboration between development and operations technicians. The yearly State of DevOps report presented by DORA and Puppet continues to demonstrate the widening statistical gap in performance between IT teams that have already incorporated DevOps and those who haven’t. Understandably then, DevOps is often […]

Written by Stefan Thorpe

A Reflection on Puppet and DORA’s State of DevOps Report 2017

2017 State of DevOps Report

This week saw Puppet’s release of its annual State of DevOps report in collaboration with DORA; the oft-quoted research that every DevOps practitioner across the globe will be intimate with. Puppet has been measuring the evolutionary impact of DevOps on IT performance for the last six years and has surveyed a record 27,000 IT professionals […]

Written by Stefan Thorpe

How to Use Docker

This article is a great introduction to suggest some ways you can utilize Docker yourself without going mad and throwing all your applications at the program. The author provides several links to ideas to help simplify your architecture, a script for simple automated container upgrades, and tips to optimize deployment.

Written by Stefan Thorpe

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