Continuous Integration

CI - CD with #CloudNativeApplications

CI/CD with Cloud-Native Applications

Continuous integration and continuous delivery, an approach now known as CI/CD, is more than just an approach for developing and delivering apps to customers. While CI/CD changes how apps are deployed—introducing smaller iterations and faster deployment in the process—the approach itself gets adopted differently. Especially for cloud-native applications. When you implement CI/CD for deploying cloud-native …

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6 Ways to Deal with #ITIncidents

6 Ways to Deal With IT Incidents

According to Steve McConnell’s contemporary research and book, “Code Complete,” the industry average comprises 15-50 bugs per 1000 lines of delivered code. This statistic should reaffirm the likelihood of teams encountering modern-day IT incidents and how quickly they can lead to prominent systematic concerns. Instead of letting these concerns cause significant delays, it’s best to be …

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