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Does the idea of removing the misery out of security and compliance procedures through automation sound unbelievable? By streamlining the process of building and maintaining your InfoSec program, Tugboat Logic’s security assurance platform simplifies compliance, drives employee security awareness, and reduces friction in enterprise sales operations. 

The roots of automation in software engineering go as far back as the 70’s when IBM made the first automated developments for mainframes. The Windows era of the 90’s saw more vendors and new automation products, but automation really kicked off in the 00’s and the beginning of Agile thinking. The Agile Manifesto has since inspired a number of methodologies, such as DevOps, that hold the process of automation front and center for streamlining workflow, improving productivity and output quality, and reducing friction in business operations. 

The applicability of automation to multiple sectors and a wider variety of business systems and processes has seen exponential growth in the past twenty years. It was only a matter of time before a company leveraged it to optimize security and compliance. 

Pioneering automation in the compliance and security sector

Tugboat Logic is the first such security assurance platform to help users define their InfoSec policy, identify and close any control gaps, help organizations prepare smoothly for security audits, respond to clients’ due diligence requests, and more. The company’s USP is that it provides all of these elements in one place so you can leverage your security program to win more business by providing a secure foundation from which you can grow and scale. 

Navigating audits and becoming compliance-ready is a tricky and complex minefield for any business, no matter the sector. Organization-wide audits and compliance have always been a challenge, and cloud migration has only increased the headaches surrounding the two. Ongoing changes in security controls, loss of visibility and logging, and the dynamic fluctuation of data all make audit and compliance a major obstacle today. Currently, regulatory compliance violations are in the top three largest Cloud Application Security challenges cited for organizations, according to the CyberEdge Group’s ‘2020 Cyberthreat Defense Report’.

Increasing global security attacks

As more and more companies make the full switch to cloud-native applications, ensuring the right security measures are in place is critical for making a confident and secure transition. But as one of the top five takeaways from the Cyberthreat Defense Report reveals, malicious attacks are more prevalent than ever. The percentage of organizations affected by a full-scale cybersecurity attack changed in 2019⁠—for the first time in 3 years⁠—to 80.7% from 78%, with more than a third of organizations experiencing six or more successful attacks.

The impact of security attacks directly affects businesses at a consumer level, with companies facing severe ramifications to their integrity, reputation, and, fundamentally, their bottom line. A ‘Loss or theft of data and intellectual property’ heads the list of the surveyed businesses’ top priorities when considering cloud application security risks and challenges.

Security demystification

Tugboat Logic’s automated framework acts to demystify the process of setting up a security program and getting prepared for security certifications such as SOC 2, HIPAA, and ISO27001 through a simplified process. With Tugboat Logic, enterprises can quickly improve their security posture and, importantly, demonstrate and prove it to their customers.

Optimized by artificial intelligence, with Tugboat Logic’s patent-pending tech you can automate the following steps to improve your company’s security posture and the trust relationship you have with current and future customers:

  • InfoSec policy creation
  • Security certification gap assessment
  • Security questionnaire responses 

This process helps accelerate audit readiness and improve security assurance with your customers so that you can sell more. Working with Tugboat Logic can help your business see a 60% reduction in certification readiness costs, a 45% better response rate to RFPs 45% faster, and, significantly, an increase in sales win rates of up to 300%.

Caylent and Tugboat Logic partnership

Caylent is happy to announce that the end of 2020 sees us forming a partnership with Tugboat Logic to better support our clients to navigate the security and compliance minefield. Caylent’s CEO and Founder, JP La Torre shares his position on the exciting partnership; “Tugboat Logic is a market leader in compliance and security, and their platform offers a true single pane of glass to define security policies, respond to RFPs, and provide continuous compliance. Their philosophy and customer segment aligns perfectly with ours.

It’s no secret that compliance is a huge headache for modern technology companies, and Tugboat’s platform dramatically accelerates compliance with less effort. Caylent is excited to partner with Tugboat Logic to help address these challenges for our growing portfolio of companies that we assist with DevOps, cloud-native infrastructure, compliance, and security.”

For more information about how you can leverage Caylent and Tugboat Logic to optimize your security and compliance posture, contact us today or visit Tugboat Logic’s website.

Caylent provides a critical DevOps-as-a-Service function to high growth companies looking for expert support with Kubernetes, cloud security, cloud infrastructure, and CI/CD pipelines. Our managed and consulting services are a more cost-effective option than hiring in-house, and we scale as your team and company grow. Check out some of the use cases, learn how we work with clients, and read more about our DevOps-as-a-Service offering.

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