NYI and Caylent Team Up to Launch New DevOps-as-a-Service Enterprise Offering

New #DevOpsasaService Enterprise offering

NYI, a global provider of cloud and managed infrastructure services, has announced its partnership with Caylent, a leading provider of DevOps and container solutions. The partnership augments NYI’s comprehensive range of managed IT services with an end-to-end DevOps solution that empowers NYI clients to accelerate code testing and deployment, simplify infrastructure management, and reduce infrastructure overhead.

The DevOps approach to infrastructure management leverages cloud, container, and orchestration technology to automate infrastructure deployment. With DevOps, developers can move code from testing to production with radically reduced lead times compared to traditional infrastructure management strategies.

The benefits of DevOps adoption are universally acknowledged, but it can be challenging for businesses to migrate from legacy workflows to a more agile DevOps approach. NYI’s flexible Hybrid IT Services Platform, together with Caylent’s DevOps-as-a-Service offering simplifies that transition, providing the infrastructure, services, and support businesses need to deploy modern applications leveraging best-in-class technologies like Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, and Terraform.

“NYI is dedicated to working with its clients to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their infrastructure operations. Caylent’s industry-leading DevOps-as-a-Service platform is the perfect fit for NYI’s unique high-touch approach to managed infrastructure services. The partnership will enable us to provide clients with the insights of industry-leading DevOps experts while facilitating a seamless transition to a container-based infrastructure that provides outstanding reliability, scalability, and control.” Phillip Koblence, Co-Founder and COO, NYI

“Caylent’s mission is to empower software development teams by providing world-class DevOps resources delivered as a scalable service. NYI’s extensive experience providing business critical infrastructure and their forward-thinking approach to enterprise technology makes them an ideal partner for us. Caylent’s partnership with NYI will enable us to deliver holistic solutions to enterprises seeking to automate infrastructure and container deployments through modern tools like Kubernetes. Working together, NYI and Caylent will enable client software teams to deploy infrastructure and containers both on-premise and in the cloud, with architecture and implementation delivered as a service to accelerate time to market, decrease risk, and increase ROI.” JP La Torre, Co-Founder and CEO, Caylent

About NYI

NYI is a trusted infrastructure partner to clients across a range of industries. NYI offers a flexible hybrid IT platform that delivers global solutions across cloud, colocation and containers on bare metal, with SDN-enabled connectivity to the cloud and a full suite of Professional and Managed services to support end-to-end infrastructure requirements. For more information about NYI, please visit: www.nyi.net. To learn more about DevOps-as-a-Service, visit our DevOps web page, contact 800.288.7387, or follow NYI on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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About Caylent

Caylent has been a leading provider of DevOps and container solutions since 2015. Caylent offers white-glove DevOps solutions for companies at every stage, giving clients the freedom to focus on applications and customers, not infrastructure. For more information, please visit: www.caylent.com, contact 949.328.6005 or follow Caylent on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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