Top 4 of the Week of August 1st

Check out a developer and testers playground; the cloud sandboxes, not just a child’s play area. Read about how you can maximize your customer services by improving scalability and increasing your system’s reliability. Read Ben Golub’s insider take on the future trends for digital containers. … Read More

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Top 4 of the Week of February 4th

Get in touch with everything you need to know about DevOps and security. Start monitoring your AWS spending today. Discover a multi-part series of blogs on ways to take software development up a notch. And follow a startup’s journey from bare metal servers to serverless cloud-based infrastructure. … Read More

Caylent Digest

Top 4 of the Week of January 28

Share This: What DevOps is. And isn’t. So we’ve argued in a previous blog that DevOps is a culture. Not a service or program, and especially not a toolkit; it is a philosophy to be embraced for the future. Therefore, … Read More

How to Use Docker

This article is a great introduction to suggest some ways you can utilize Docker yourself without going mad and throwing all your applications at the program. The author provides several links to ideas to help simplify your architecture, a script for simple automated container upgrades, and tips to optimize deployment. … Read More

The DevOps Myth

The DevOps Myth: Just What is DevOps?

DevOps should not and cannot exist in a vacuum. In order to be successful, it must be fully integrated across the organization and throughout the entire product lifecycle. The true magic of DevOps happens when you align development, operations, and IT teams in a cross-functional way. It’s often remarked that DevOps is not a role or a tool. This is true. It is a culture. DevOps, done correctly, is a collaborative effort between your whole team. … Read More