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Read how Skedulo worked with Caylent to establish a reliable and secure infrastructure that seamlessly scaled to support a rapidly growing user base during the pandemic

ThriveFantasy Case Study

Read how Caylent helped ThriveFantasy leverage AWS to improve infrastructure scalability and adopt a multi-account structure to enable white-labelling their app

Ion Geophysical Case Study

Read how ION Geophysical worked with Caylent to establish foundations for cloud-native application development, unlocking scalability and performance to support their growth.

Allergan Case Study

Read how Allergan maximized their application environment’s scalability to support high traffic events such as Botox Day.

Order Case Study

Read how Order maximized velocity and innovation while improving their security posture, by leveraging Caylent’s expertise for DevOps implementation and management.

Boost Case Study

Read how Boost improved velocity, security & scalability through adopting Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and DevOps best practices.

sportsYou Case Study –

sportsYou Read how sportsYou modernized their infrastructure and environment, to enable their team to focus on product development. “By collaborating with, learning from, and leveraging Caylent’s expertise with containers we were able to replace our EC2 instances with an autoscaling Kubernetes cluster that is largely self-maintaining. Our server load has more than tripled in the …

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Moment Case Study

Moment built the foundation for growth with a DigitalOcean to AWS migration and application modernization with Amazon EKS.

SEI Novus Case Study

Read how Caylent helped SEI Novus maximize their business velocity by migrating to containers on AWS, stabilizing their workloads, strengthening their security posture and improving developer experience.

Hi Marley Case Study

Hi Marley migrated to a self-hosted environment to regain control and simultaneously adopted DevOps best practices.

Run The World Case Study

Run the World stabilized their platform and deployed a new CI/CD process to enable their product team to focus on feature releases instead of infrastructure.

Troops Case Study

Troops modernized their infrastructure and environment to provide necessary resources to allow Troops’ in-house staff to concentrate on product development.

sportsYou Case Study

Read how sportsYou got support for their infrastructure and environment to allow their team to focus on product development.