Read how sportsYou modernized their infrastructure and environment, to enable their team to focus on product development.

“By collaborating with, learning from, and leveraging Caylent’s expertise with containers we were able to replace our EC2 instances with an autoscaling Kubernetes cluster that is largely self-maintaining. Our server load has more than tripled in the last year as our business has grown and at the same time the amount of effort to maintain our environment and our AWS bill has gone down dramatically. We couldn’t be happier with the way this has worked out.”

Company Introduction

Founded in 2016, sportsYou is an app that improves communication between coaches, players, and parents in athletics. The platform provides a unified team and group management solution for everything from game and training schedules to messaging, photos, videos, and more.


After Caylent completed a modernization initiative to leverage Amazon EKS for sportsYou’s existing cloud infrastructure (see case study here), sportsYou continued to look for Caylent to support and manage their optimized cloud infrastructure while identifying and implementing critical governance processes inc. logging, alerting, dashboards and cloud native security tooling.


Allow SportsYou’s developers to remain focused on key product development and business growth objectives while enabling their team to actively monitor, identify and implement cloud native infrastructure best practices as the company evolved.

The ProjecT

Once SportsYou’s existing cloud infrastructure had been re-platformed on Amazon EKS with Amazon ECR, Caylent began overseeing management and patching of the Amazon EKS clusters and quickly identified a way to automate the Amazon EKS patches and updates. The Caylent team also implemented log tracking across SportsYou’s AWS front end and back end services with an additional focus on providing deep insight into cluster management and observability in the production Amazon EKS pods. 

Caylent also worked closely with the SportsYou team to identify key metrics across specific groups of resources and applications to develop useful dashboarding that gives SportsYou observability into the health and condition of their environment. To improve the cloud-native security tooling and monitoring of SportsYou’s Amazon EKS clusters Caylent implemented third party tool StackRox to allow all of the cluster security to be controlled in one place.


By overseeing management and patching of critical cloud infrastructure, SportsYou were able to quickly and safely scale as their business grew while meeting internal and external compliance requirements. With new logging and dashboarding tooling across their whole stack SportsYou improved their monitoring and observability abilities and they could understand the condition and health of their environment from a resource stack and application perspective.

New tooling implementation for cloud-native security monitoring and alerts means SportsYou is able to leverage reliable, easy to use security controls for their applications on EKS and have a single pane of glass view for security related metrics. 

Caylent continues to work with SportsYou to further improve their cloud-native security posture and recently began a larger project to migrate and restructure their AWS account hierarchy. 

AWS Services: 

S3, SQS, SNS, RDS, EKS, ECR, DocumentDB, Elasticache Redis, Route 53, certificate manager, secrets manager.







Woodbury, New York

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