Cloud Data Management

Amazon‌ ‌RDS‌ ‌Proxy:‌ ‌Taming‌ ‌DB‌ ‌Connections

Most developers find databases difficult to scale. There are a lot of frameworks that can run on multiple pods⁠—or even multiple clusters⁠—to handle more load. Some frameworks even support advanced load balancing and caching. Still, when a spike beyond what the framework can handle happens, the database is almost always the first process to fail. …

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Best Practices of #DatabaseDesign

What Are the Best Practices of Database Design?

When designed correctly, databases are incredibly powerful tools for recording, storing, retrieving, and comparing data. However, a database designed without care and purpose isn’t just ineffective, it can be a real hindrance to those who use it most. When building a database—regardless of its ultimate purpose—adhering to the following best practices will ensure that the …

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#Databases in #containers

Databases in Containers

Database containerization has emerged with various critiques here and there. Data insecurity, specific resource requirements, network problems are oft quoted as the significant drawbacks of the practice. Nevertheless, container usage has been on the increase, and so too has the method of containerizing databases. Container usage is now being applied by organizations of all sizes …

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