Cloud Data Engineering

To fully harness the power of your valuable data, you may need a data lake, a data warehouse and tools to transform, analyze, visualize and to gain insights. Let Caylent help you unlock the power of data. 

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Aspects of Data

The Data Landscape

As a part of your data transformation, there are four main pillars to consider as you pivot to a data-driven organization. 

Machine Learning

The Caylent team can help absolute beginners derive key insights from their data using Sagemaker Autopilot. For more advanced customers, Caylent can help you get the most from Sagemaker Studio.

Data Management

Improve the structure of your existing data. Caylent provides expert guidance in the usage of Amazon-based relational, NoSQL, time-series, graph and distributed ledger databases.

Analytics & Visualization

For more traditional forms of statistical analysis, Caylent can guide you in the use of analytics tooling and visualization with QuickSite or Amazon Data Visualization to improve business decision-making.

Data Lake Formation

For large collections of documents containing unstructured data, gain a collection point using Amazon Lake Formation and derive insights using Amazon Athena and Elastic MapReduce.

Why Caylent

Gain Faster Business Insights

With deep expertise in cloud-based data tooling, Caylent can get you from raw, unstructured data to meaningful insights through visualization and reporting in record time. Using our proven Caylent delivery methodology, executed by a team of cloud data experts, your organization will be able to unlock the power of your valuable data.

Our areas of specialization in cloud data engineering include:

We Bring Out the Best in People and Technology

We are forward thinking, exploratory in our approach and pride ourselves on true partnership with our customers. Being a partner means engaging together in a focused effort to drive your vision forward and achieve technical and business results. To accomplish this, Caylent goes beyond the technology to ensure your team gains the knowledge and skills they need.

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Case Studies

Read About Caylent Customers and Their Migration Experience

Caylent has over 100 combined years of AWS migration experience. We have helped customers of all kinds to elevate their environments and improve the developer experience. 

Click on each customer to download their migration stories: 


How to Get Started with your AWS Migration

Based on thousands of migrations, Caylent has developed packages to serve as the rocket fuel for your AWS Migration.

Caylent Catalysts©

Based on thousands of migrations, Caylent has developed packages to serve as the rocket fuel for your AWS Migration.

Acceleration Assessment


Well Architected Review

Caylent will review your architecture and provide you with recommendations and items for remediation to make sure you are maximizing your AWS investment.


Ready to accelerate your cloud native journey?

Caylent is able to meet you where you are in your cloud journey and deliver whether you have a tightly-scoped project and budget or if you require ongoing support to drive your vision forward.

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Getting Started with Kubernetes

Are you considering adopting containers? Get our free ebook that will educate you on the benefits of containers and Kubernetes. 

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