Caylent 2017 Developer Gift Guide

Written by Amanda Cyr
Caylent #HappyHolidays!

Not sure what to get the developer in your life for the Holidays? You’re not alone. Developers are notoriously tricky to buy gifts for – especially when the person doing the gifting thinks “containers” are big plastic tubs made for storing Christmas decorations.

Don’t worry, Caylent has you covered. We’ve compiled our top gifts for developers wishlist to help you out during the festive season. Anything from our 2017 Developer Gift Guide is sure to delight and compute, no matter your budget.


1. TWSU Electro-Dough Kit

Link to buy TWSU-Electro-Dough KIt

This adorable and affordable kit is perfect for the young-at-heart developer. Watch them bring art to life using homemade dough, buzzers, LEDs, household items, and more. Not only does this gift come with its own recipe book, it almost guarantees a special “thank you” mention when Programmer Picasso opens his first exhibit at The Met.
$26.99. Pairs nicely with RAM.

Click here to buy


2. Raspberry Pi Zero W

Link to buy Raspberry Pi Zero W

This is the well-dressed cousin of the Raspberry Pi Zero. It comes packed with all the power and punch of Pi Zero v1.3, but with a few major upgrades in the form of built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy. While this is absolutely a gold-star gift, it’s important to note that your developer will need to have a few extra supplies on hand to turn it into a computer. Consider upgrading to a starter pack bundle to make sure they have everything they need.
$10. Pairs nicely with RAM.

Click here to buy


3. EcoSphere

Link to buy EcoSphere

Say hello to their little friends! Place the EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem on your developer’s desk to ensures they never face another Nginx configuration challenge alone. This self-sustaining sphere comes filled with shrimp, algae, and microorganisms that don’t require any more than a comfortable room temperature and source of light – just like some developers!
$79.99 – $489.99. Pairs nicely with RAM.

Click here to buy


4. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Link to buy Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Does it ever feel like your developer doesn’t listen? Well, if you buy these, you’ll finally know why. Bose offers a variety of makes and models, each designed to let your developer block out noise and optimize music for up to 40 hours on a single charge. These are a must-have on our gifts for developers wishlist! Please note, some of these headphones are built and optimized for specific operating systems, so you’ll need to buy the ones that match your developer’s system preferences.
$179.95 – $449.95. Pairs nicely with RAM.

Click here to buy


5. CODE Keyboard

Link to buy CODE Keyboard

Nothing says “I get you” like a fully customizable keyboard. The CODE keyboard lets developers configure their keys as they see fit, switching between a variety of layouts, including QWERTY, Dvorak, and Colemak. They’ll also be able to build their own shortcuts, disable commands, swap commands, and more, all with the flip of switches located on the back of the keyboard.
$140 – $165. Pairs nicely with RAM.

Click here to buy


6. Work-Appropriate Coffee Mug

Link to buy Developer Coffee Mug

This mug is 100% SFW and 100% accurate. Studies from Stack Overflow and DeveloperMedia found that the average developer consumes between two and five cups of coffee per day. That’s right, this is a scientifically sound gift. Feel free to print off those studies and use them as wrapping paper.
$16. Pairs nicely with RAM.

Click here to buy


7. Inflatable T-Rex Costume

Link to buy Inflatable T-Rex Costume

Developers can be quirky, we get it. That’s why we recommend gifts for developers that appeal to their quirky side. Deflates for easy storage. Need we say more?
$65.93 – $100.21. Pairs nicely with RAM.

Click here to buy

8. LIFX A19 LED Light

Link to buy LIFX A19 LED Light

This brilliant bulb delivers over 1100 lumens from just 11 watts, taking your developer’s workspace from “…meh” to “MEH?!” in an instant. Using Wi-Fi and a smartphone, your developer can fill their home with over 16 million colors, create schedules that fit their lifestyle, connect bulbs to devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and impress the heck out of their friends.
$59.99. Pairs nicely with RAM.

Click here to buy

9. Foot Hammock

Link to buy Foot Hammock

Everyone enjoys putting their feet up – even developers. With a foot hammock, they’ll be able to put their feet up at work, turning even the most miserable of debugging tasks into an opportunity to kick back. Adjustable straps make this fit for a variety of desks, and it even adapts for air travel!
$9.99. Pairs nicely with RAM.

Click here to buy

10. RAM

Meme Buy More Ram

When in doubt, buy RAM: it never loses its appeal in the top gifts for developers wishlist.
Price varies. Pairs nicely with more RAM.

11. Caylent Membership

Click to sign up to Caylent

Working with a $0 budget? That’s fine – we have something for everyone. Simply make a free ‘Happy Holidays’ e-card and, along with a few festive inside jokes, include a link to sign-up for Caylent. It’s 100% free to get started and lets your developer focus on building apps, not infrastructure. Paid plans are also available here.
$0. Pairs nicely with RAM.

Click here to sign-up

From the Caylent Family to Yours
Happy Holidays

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