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Accelerate your cloud native and Kubernetes adoption by partnering with Caylent to enhance your DevOps and platform capabilities. Caylent offers a bespoke managed service that gets you up and running fast and scales as you grow.

World Class

One touchpoint. A whole team of experienced engineers. Caylent brings decades of experience with DevOps and containers.

Leverage the Expertise of a Team of Engineers

Caylent delivers a team of specialists using a unique pod model that captures and shares institutional knowledge. You'll get the expertise you need and never be caught short handed.

Free up Your Team to Focus on What’s Important

Executives have a rosier view of their DevOps progress than the teams they manage. Caylent helps by enabling self-service and the result is happier developers.

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Whether you are taking your first step in evaluating containers, trying to get your current app twelve-factor ready, or are looking to make your cloud native app more robust and production-grade, Caylent can help. Leverage our experts to handle everything from writing Dockerfiles to designing an entire cloud-native architecture for your application.

  • - Dockerfile generation
  • - Container registries
  • - Container vulnerability scanning
  • - Secrets management
  • - Twelve-Factor app readiness
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Infrastructure as Code

Caylent can build and deploy your infrastructure as code, based on years of experience creating best practice templates. Whether you need a simple shared developer environment, a robust multi-region production cloud architecture, or help adopting a multi-cloud strategy, we have experts who can help design and implement it.

  • - Hashicorp Terraform
  • - AWS CloudFormation
  • - API-based infrastructure automation
  • - Event-based cloud autoscaling
  • - Infrastructure release automation
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Orchestration & Application Definition

Kubernetes is the industry-leading orchestration solution, and our favorite. We've got plenty of experience with others too, like ECS and Docker Swarm. Our K8s deployments serve millions of requests per day. We know what it takes to run containers in production.

  • - Kubernetes
  • - EKS, GKE, and more
  • - Helm and Helm Charts
  • - Deploy chart collections with Helmfile
  • - Secrets management
  • - Resource scheduling and constraints
  • - External third-party services
  • - Ingresses
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Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are vital to delivering new code to production faster and with less risk. Caylent Solution Architects and Engineers design, build, and implement CI/CD pipelines for a wide variety of use cases across many different platforms.

  • - Setup CI/CD so that changes to your source code automatically results in a new container being built, tested, and promoted
  • - Re-design or build from scratch
  • - Introduce security into the build and release process
  • - Custom review or approval workflow to meet any policy or separation of duties requirement
  • - Automate quality and standards enforcement, including linter, secret, and code coverage checks
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Security and compliance are paramount concerns in today's evolving threat and regulatory environment. Containers and serverless architecture have changed the paradigm, but vendor and tool selection are increasingly complex. Caylent can help design and implement a security posture that is modern and aligned with DevSecOps culture.

  • - Intrustion detection and prevention
  • - Container vulnerability scanning
  • - Compliance and configuration drift
  • - Layer 4 and layer 7 firewalls
  • - Security assessments
  • - Runtime defense and alerts
  • - Access control
  • - Audit trails
  • - Assistance with third-party audits
  • - Disaster recovery and more
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Observability & Monitoring

Observability and monitoring are important not just to ensure uptime, but also to provide critical feedback loops. Whether you're looking to implement advanced monitoring and analytics or just gain increased insight into application and infrastructure behavior, we've got you covered.

  • - Log aggregation and management
  • - Application performance management (APM)
  • - API monitoring
  • - Health checks
  • - Alerting (AlertManager, CloudWatch Alarms, Pagerduty, VictorOps)
  • - Visualization (Grafana, Kibana)
  • - Metrics (Prometheus, CloudWatch)
  • - Kubernetes telemetry
  • - ChatOps tools integration

Migrate to containers

Are you looking for some help modernizing a monolithic or legacy application? Going through an application or platform re-architecture? We hear that a lot, and we can help.

Whether it's expertise on specific components of your platform or a complete overhaul we can help you get up and running fast with tools and self-service capabilities your development team will love.

Let’s do it

Greenfield a new project

Getting ready to embark on something exciting? Don't go on the journey alone.

There is nothing we love doing more than helping our clients get off on the right foot and position a new project for success. Let's measure twice and cut once and build the platform and DevOps culture you really want.

p.s. We <3 Solutions Architecture.

Let’s do it

Migrate to the cloud

Ready to ditch your expensive, CapEx driven on-premises environments and embrace the cloud? Or are you looking to migrate from one cloud provider to another? Better yet, are you hoping to harness the awesomeness of multi-cloud?

Our team has helped do all of the above and we'd love to help you too. We see exciting use cases all the time, get in touch and tell us about yours.

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Tame a troublesome app

Do you have an app that's causing you heartburn? Pagers going off far too regularly? Excessive unplanned downtime? Inability to safely deploy updates live without a maintenance window? Platform fragility and reliability issues?

We have the expertise in building production-grade infrastructure, tooling, automation, and event-driven autoscaling to help you tame even the most unruly application and reduce the burden on your DevOps team!

Let’s do it

I don't know what I need

Are you looking for help but not sure where to start? Perhaps you want to break up with your current managed service provider or consultant, or maybe you just want a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at your existing platform and DevOps team to provide an unbiased assessment.

Whatever your situation may be, let's talk it over and we'll tell you what we think.

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We helped sportsYou gain austoscaling capabilities, containerize their app and get running with Kubernetes.

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