Introducing Caylent Pricing Plans

Written by JP La Torre
Link to Caylent's Pricing Plan Page

Synopsis: This week, Caylent is introducing paid pricing tiers. Our CEO JP La Torre unveils the new pricing plans, explains the reasons behind this move, and examines how it will impact current users.

Caylent Pricing Plan Changes

Starting in Q1 2018, Caylent will no longer be free.

New user accounts will have a 14-day free trial period for the opportunity to evaluate the platform and get their first apps deployed. After the free trial period ends, billing will start immediately and recur automatically on a monthly or annual basis, depending on the type of plan selected. Accounts created prior to January will remain on a free tier with all existing features, but limited support. New features will only be available as a paid upgrade for existing free users.

After careful consideration, we decided this was the best way to show our early users some love, while also incentivizing folks to pay for premium service and support us as an early-stage startup.

Link to Pricing Plan Page

We hope you understand why this change was necessary. At some point, all businesses need to start generating revenue, and we felt that Caylent remaining free was actually a negative. We have heard from plenty of users—both active and prospective—that they were hesitant to adopt until they knew what the plans would cost long-term. By publishing pricing, we hope this will set your mind at ease and establish a good precedent by grandfathering in pre-existing user accounts.

SaaS and Managed Plans

We are introducing two pricing tiers—a SaaS plan and a Managed plan.

The SaaS plan is designed for teams that want to start using Caylent as a self-service platform. Caylent will bill on a monthly or annual basis per user. For a limited time, this tier includes access to every feature (current and future), and every customer that signs up now will receive a lifetime price guarantee. This means your subscription cost will never go up. This is our way of saying thanks to users that convert early and show some support.

The Managed plan bill is also on a monthly or annual basis but geared towards companies that want us to become their DevOps team. We’ve got you covered with everything from architectural guidance, designing and implementing robust CI/CD pipelines, and of course, managing your entire infrastructure. The Managed plan includes 24/7/365 support and aims to eliminate the need to hire a dedicated DevOps engineer at a fraction of the cost.

In both cases, our strategy is to offer straightforward pricing that scales as you grow. We feel that Caylent offers teams of all sizes enormous value in automating their infrastructure and container deployments.


Pricing is always difficult, no matter how you slice it. From a SaaS founder’s perspective picking the right scaling units, price points, and more is challenging and there is plenty of room for error. A mentor and friend of mine says about pricing, “The only thing you know for sure is that it’s wrong.” At Caylent, we strive to be totally transparent and honest. We hope you’ll do the same and let us know what’s on your mind. We’re listening!

We look forward to hearing your feedback, and we hope you’ll start the New Year in style with a Caylent plan to guide your deployments in 2018 and beyond!

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