Deploy WordPress Multisite Using Docker via Caylent API

10 Steps to Deploy WordPress Multisite Using Docker

Our fourth Caylent API Tutorial is a complete step-by-step guide to creating a WordPress multisite install using Docker to realize High-Availability (HA). You can achieve this quickly by leveraging our Caylent API documentation on Postman. As ever, each of our in-depth tutorial posts come with an accompanying video tutorial on YouTube (see below). Discover just […]

Written by Stefan Thorpe
Setup an AWS High Availability Docker WordPress Stack

Setup an AWS High Availability Docker WordPress Stack

Our third Caylent API Tutorial examines how you can setup and deploy a highly available Docker WordPress stack leveraging our convenient Postman API documents. This tutorial covers the necessary steps to quickly—and easily—launch a stack on Caylent to host an AWS high availability WordPress site with Docker. As ever, we support each of our tutorials […]

Written by Stefan Thorpe
Caylent API Tutorial - SSH EC2 and Team Management

Stack Deployment with SSH EC2 Access & Team Management

In the second of our Caylent API Tutorials, we discuss how you can set up and auto-add SSH users to your stacks and infrastructure using Caylent. This tutorial covers the 5 necessary steps for optimizing team management using Postman and is supported by a video tutorial on YouTube (also see below). You can create teams, […]

Written by Stefan Thorpe

January 2017 Product Update

Significant changes and improvements are coming to Caylent as part of our upcoming v2 release. We’ve introduced a number of new features and updates that we hope you’ll love.

Written by JP La Torre

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