Creating a High-Availability WordPress cluster with Docker Swarm and EFS

Share This: Summary In this article, we’ll cover step-by-step how to setup and deploy a High-Availability (HA) WordPress stack based on Docker Swarm and Amazon’s Elastic Filesystem (EFS). By following these simple steps, you’ll have a clean install of WordPress … Read More

Creating a High-Availability Docker Swarm on Amazon Web Services

Share This: Summary In six steps, you’ll have a cluster up and running: Install Docker Assign 3 managers for the Docker Swarm Add two nodes or ‘workers’ to the Swarm Discover how to view your Swarm status Run a test … Read More

January 2017 Product Update

Significant changes and improvements are coming to Caylent as part of our upcoming v2 release. We’ve introduced a number of new features and updates that we hope you’ll love. … Read More

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Top 4 of the Week of February 4th

Get in touch with everything you need to know about DevOps and security. Start monitoring your AWS spending today. Discover a multi-part series of blogs on ways to take software development up a notch. And follow a startup’s journey from bare metal servers to serverless cloud-based infrastructure. … Read More

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Top 4 of the Week of January 28

Share This: What DevOps is. And isn’t. So we’ve argued in a previous blog that DevOps is a culture. Not a service or program, and especially not a toolkit; it is a philosophy to be embraced for the future. Therefore, … Read More