Why IT Teams Should Adopt the #Scrum and #StoryPoints Approach

Why IT Teams Should Adopt the Scrum and Story Points Approach

Scrum is a lightweight organizational framework that focuses on transforming the way you tackle complex projects. The project management approach is based on the concept of breaking a complex project down into simple tasks as well as encouraging you to adapt your process. It facilitates teamwork and helps you do more work in less time. […]

Written by Stefan Thorpe
Top 6 Solutions for Migration from #DockerCloud

Top 6 Solutions for Migration from Docker Cloud

Just two years after it’s release announcement, Docker Cloud has disconcertingly revealed that “runtime is being discontinued.” Which is more than a little tragic, since Docker Cloud was one of the first groundbreaking SaaS solutions using Docker Swarm as its underlying container orchestration mechanism. As of May 21st, users will no longer be able to […]

Written by JP La Torre

Reflecting on 2017

As the holiday season is underway and we reflect back on 2017, I’m very proud of the entire team at Caylent. Together, we’ve achieved a lot this past year. And we have our global users and the entire DevOps and container community to thank. Back in January 2017, we were working feverishly to implement a […]

Written by JP La Torre
Caylent API Postman Tutorial

Caylent’s Easy REST API with Postman in 5 Steps

Welcome to the first in our Caylent API Tutorials. This post aims to simplify the process of configuring Postman to enable you to best leverage Caylent’s Easy REST API documentation. Each of these tutorials will be supported by a YouTube video. Requirements For this tutorial, you’re going to need three things: An activated account with […]

Written by Stefan Thorpe

Caylent’s Netcapital Offering & Origin Story

To celebrate the recent success of surpassing our fundraising goal on Netcapital, here’s an insight into the mission behind Caylent and what makes it special. Netcapital is a private securities platform that opens the door for entrepreneurs everywhere to gain access to capital through their communities and users. Investment opportunities serve to align the economic […]

Written by JP La Torre
2017 State of #DevOpsReport

A Reflection on Puppet & DORA’s State of DevOps Report 2017

This week saw Puppet’s release of its annual State of DevOps report; the oft-quoted research that every DevOps practitioner across the globe will be intimate with. In collaboration with DORA—DevOps Research and Assessment—Puppet has been measuring the evolutionary impact of DevOps on IT performance for the last six years through a survey of a record 27,000 […]

Written by Stefan Thorpe

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