50 Useful #Kubernetes Tools

50 Useful Kubernetes Tools

In just two relatively short years, Kubernetes has laid waste to its fellow competitors in the battlefield of container orchestration. Sadly, Docker Swarm hasn’t been a major contender since 2016 and, like AWS, admitted defeat by pledging K8s support and integration. Since Kubernetes has skyrocketed to popularity as the container solution of choice, here’s a […]

Written by Stefan Thorpe
Technical debt

Fight Through the Pain: How to Deal With Technical Debt

Is your team struggling to keep up with project deadlines and business realities? Have you found yourself shipping code under time pressures with the promise that, “I’ll sort it properly later.” Do you know deep down that the quick-and-dirty fix you recently implemented on a new feature won’t hold up to user demand? The problem […]

Written by Stefan Thorpe
Introduction to CI - CD

An Introduction to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) make up a very large topic, and there are differing opinions on what these terms mean and how they should be implemented. The key to success with CI/CD is to automate and monitor as much as you can practically. A well-tuned CI/CD pipeline will help your organization quickly […]

Written by Caylent Team

50+ Useful Docker Tools

The container ecosystem is growing and expanding faster than ever, and with so many Docker tools and services it can feel like a daunting task just understanding the available options. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, developer or DevOps engineer, SRE or platform architect, this list will be your companion guide to understanding the most […]

Written by JP La Torre

Docker & Continuous Delivery Deployment Types

In our last blog post—A 5-Step Guide to Good Continuous Delivery—we began looking at the best practices high-performing IT teams should be employing to achieve Continuous Delivery (CD) with Docker. CD is achievable using numerous deployment methods and Docker is just one tool to help realize the necessary customizable “workflow-based” integration/build process. Continuous Delivery Deployment […]

Written by Stefan Thorpe
A 5-Step Guide to Good #ContinuousDelivery

A 5-Step Guide to Good Continuous Delivery

Here at Caylent, we believe one of the major keys to successful DevOps implementation is the complete automation of Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Deployment. Achieving full CD with your IT team unlocks many of the benefits that the DevOps ecosystem has to offer and ensures that you release code swiftly and with fewer errors. […]

Written by Stefan Thorpe
2017 State of #DevOpsReport

A Reflection on Puppet & DORA’s State of DevOps Report 2017

This week saw Puppet’s release of its annual State of DevOps report; the oft-quoted research that every DevOps practitioner across the globe will be intimate with. In collaboration with DORA—DevOps Research and Assessment—Puppet has been measuring the evolutionary impact of DevOps on IT performance for the last six years through a survey of a record 27,000 […]

Written by Stefan Thorpe

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