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DevOps and security on the merge

Here, James Wickett puts us in touch with everything you need to know about DevOps and security. Just as DevOps has become more defined – and is definitely here to stay- so too, should security be integrated properly within it and security teams should no longer be left out in the cold of the new development loop.

Wickett believes that not only does DevOps, and it’s practices mean increased monitoring and measurement but also, with proper integration, will improve security visibility across the board. He also cites continuous delivery benefits as offering a serious reduction in vulnerability time.

Their Next Generation Web Application Firewall is designed to increase your defenses particularly in vulnerable areas of your website, prevent attacks and provide production web security all without breaking your real-time customer traffic.

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AWS EC2 costs uncovered

Start monitoring your AWS spending today. Andrew Midgley and the guys at Cloudability have compiled a way to scale those vast AWS EC2 costs into meaningful categories designed to help you visualize where your money is going. Figure out the anatomy of your EC2 expenditure by checking out their cost analytics and dashboarding sections.
Cloudability offers you a higher level view of your AWS EC2 billing by showing all this and more; the availability zone, the breakdown by tag information and which instance used a reservation. Now with easier ways to view the different EC2 components, you can discover new strategies to manage the health of your instance costs, see with more clarity where you can save money by choosing a different type of EBS volume, and learn exactly how your data transfer costs are calculated.

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Take software development up a notch

This is a multi-part series of blogs from DevOps Zone written by these CloudBees executives:

  • Sacha Labourey, CEO
  • Dan Juengst, senior director, product marketing
  • Steve Harris, Advisor

The first article in the series looks at the state of the world today in relation to Jenkins, Docker, and DevOps. These guys run through the benefits for accelerating your software delivery pipelines by combining these services and continuous delivery practices.

With Docker completely eclipsing other container platforms out there and bold new concepts taking hold such as, “failing is okay, just fail fast”, there is a space to fuse the “hot methodology trends of DevOps and continuous delivery (CD).” And Jenkins has the ability to enable the best of these practices and kick delivery processes and software development up a notch.

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A startup’s journey from bare metal servers to serverless cloud-based infrastructure

Follow Benoit Hediard and his startup’s journey in their race against time to success. Starting to make the move on said journey from bare metal servers to serverless cloud-based infrastructure began back in 2006 when AWS launched EC2 and S3. Like others, they migrated to the cloud and had reaped the benefits of AWS and it’s services as the system tools have grown over the years; with more and more becoming available to make startup life ‘simple.’

And he believes AWS Lambda is another such tool, especially if your startup has a microservices architecture too. After you upload your Lambda code, Amazon does it’s thing and takes care of everything you need to run and scale your code with high availability. What could be better than that?

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A little off topic…

This week’s honorable mention is a shout out to this new social network, hot off the back of a spat with Facebook and a company which has already gathered 28 million visitors in its first year alone. Tsu sells ads to creators with it’s three-tier strategy. The ads go around their created content posts, and the money can then be deposited into an account of the creator’s choosing––or given to charity. The article goes into ways your brand can benefit from Tsu alongside huge brands such as Nike, Google, Chase Bank and Adidas to name a few.

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