The State of Data Today

Learn about the state of data in the world, why it matters to companies and how they can transform their infrastructure and data repositories to generate actionable business intelligence.

AWS Premier Partner

Cayliens share what achieving AWS Premier Partner status means to us and how it enables us to empower more customers and put our resources behind meaningful projects.

AWS Transit Gateway

Learn about some of the features of AWS Transit Gateway, a high powered hub router offered by AWS that opens the doors to a wide variety of network architectures.

Modernizing Networking on AWS

The AWS Cloud offers powerful networking capabilities for those migrating from on-premise environments. Learn how you should transform technology and people as you modernize your networking architecture on the cloud

Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Learn about AWS services that make it easy for you to manage your microsoft workloads on the AWS cloud, or take advantage of more open source tools that can help you bring licensing costs down.

AWS Control Tower – Delete Account API

Learn how you can quickly delete provisioned AWS accounts with the Delete Account API, allowing you to build and destroy things quickly and accelerate testing and innovation.

Core Accounts for AWS Control Tower

AWS Control Tower now allows you to use existing security and logging accounts, and extend Control Tower governance to your existing AWS environment. Learn how this improves your account flexibility and governance.

Security & Compliance are Day 0 Objectives

Learn how Caylent’s experts engineer security into your AWS environments, ensuring you receive optimal technical implementation in addition to governance and compliance against popular standards like HIPAA

AWS Security Hub

Learn how you can leverage AWS Security Hub to get the most out of your Security footprint on the cloud

Lead by Example

To lead by example is one of our core values. Learn about how Cayliens embody this virtue in their work everyday.

Architecture Decision Records

Learn about the importance of building in an decision archival process into your development workflow, to mitigate the risk of information loss and accelerate similar future initiatives.

Rise Together

Learn about Caylent’s core value of rising together, and what that means to our Cayliens.