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Lead by Example

To lead by example is one of our core values. Learn about how Cayliens embody this virtue in their work everyday.

Architecture Decision Records

Learn about the importance of building in an decision archival process into your development workflow, to mitigate the risk of information loss and accelerate similar future initiatives.

Rise Together

Learn about Caylent’s core value of rising together, and what that means to our Cayliens.

Application Modernization – Refactor Spaces

Learn about some of the application modernization patterns Caylent’s experts are seeing amongst customers and how services such as AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces are helping customers reduce infrastructure management efforts

Being an Exceptional Partner

Learn how Caylent strives to be an exceptional partner, integrating with your teams to deliver the best solutions for your unique needs

Security & Compliance

Learn how you can ensure the security and compliance of your architecture and workloads by leveraging automation and guardrails on AWS.

Data Analytics

Learn about some of the fundamental steps involved in actioning your data on AWS to produce insights and guide business decision making.

Application Modernization

Learn how modernizing your applications on the AWS cloud is a key step to make your applications truly cloud native, unlocking new software delivery and revenue models, as well as operational efficiency.

Cloud Migration & Modernization

Learn how Caylent helps customers rapidly migrate to and modernize on the AWS cloud, leveraging an automation driven approach.

Diversity at Caylent

Learn how diverse cultures, experiences and perspectives enrich the Caylent team and play an essential role in driving our success as an organization.

SaaSification on AWS

Learn how SaaSification on AWS can improve the availability and scalability of your applications, helping you reliably meet growing customer demand

Benefits of AWS Control Tower

Learn about AWS Control Tower’s features and capabilities, uses cases where it can maximize value and updates announced at AWS re:Invent 2021

Caylent Catalysts

Learn how we develop and implement Caylent Catalysts – a set of accelerators designed to fuel your AWS cloud adoption initiatives