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What is DevOps as a Service?

Enterprises and startups alike know that managing an in-house DevOps team can be an increasingly demanding task. Rather than spend countless hours and dollars trying to align visions and goals, modern businesses are turning to DevOps as a Service.

Caylent offers white-glove DevOps consulting and outsourcing solutions to companies at every stage. Our experts build and support your infrastructure and deployment pipelines through a seamless four-stage approach, freeing your team up to build revenue-generating features.

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Our Consulting Service Is

Caylent’s DevOps consulting service is the first of its kind. We understand that no two companies are the same, and that’s exactly why we tailor our four-stage approach on a client-by-client basis to ensure every need is met.

We care about your company, and we know Dev and Ops aren't always perfectly aligned. That’s why we do both. Our experts work hand in hand with your product and customer-facing teams to deliver results that matter and infrastructure that delivers.

One Service, Millions of Possibilities

cloud expertise certified devops experts

Certified DevOps Experts

Certified AWS, Azure, and Google guidance, as well as best practice consultation and implementation

high availability devops environment

Seamless Environment

Automated seamless environment creation for development, staging, and production

immutable infrastructure deployments

Immutable Infrastructure

Immutable application deployment with Dockerized apps and Kubernetes

automated disaster recovery continuous delivery

Built to Grow

Infrastructure architected and written as code for exponential growth

devops growth infrastructure re architectured

Automated Disaster Recovery

Automated disaster recovery with application failover and rollbacks

environment design zero downtime

Zero-Downtime Deployments

Best practice application and environment design patterns for zero-downtime deployments

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Our Approach

devops as a service research

Stage 1 - Research & Discovery

Our process begins with a complete review of the current reality & position of your business, infrastructure, and code. We offer a complimentary detailed assessment so we can assess and pinpoint weak areas and identify areas for improvement.

devops as a service plans

Stage 2 - Planning and Architecture

Our team of specialists will then outline a plan for workflow, security, monitoring, testing and infrastructure. We’ll collaborate together and utilize a process that emphasizes shared and continuous learning. This is where we discuss priorities, advantages, and architect the awesomeness that is your future!

devops as a service implementation

Stage 3 - Implementation

Once the scope of work is agreed, we organize the work into regular sprints. We'll provide constant updates and progress to every stakeholder as part of your expanded team. There are no long-term contracts, but clients may choose to work with us for extended periods of time.

devops as a service support

Stage 4 - DevOps-as-a-Service and Support

Your success is our success. As your team, we thrive on continually breaking through challenges. Our primary aim is to ensure that your development team can focus on writing code and supporting your customers. Our DevOps-as-a-Service offering aligns directly to your business requirements. We provide ongoing support and scale as you grow.


“Having a strong technical partner like Caylent that helps us to develop our WordPress HA architecture is an excellent strategy move. We love to work with this dynamic team, their technical support is excellent and we will continue to develop our US business with them.”

- Pedro Paquemar, CEO at JungleWP

"Caylent's reliable orchestration helped us to tackle a mission critical WordPress site with fault tolerance and zero downtime. Working with Stefan and JP was an amazing experience and we are very humbled by their patience and commitment."

- Franck Koumba, CIO at JungleWP

“Caylent’s deployment automation solution makes developing in the cloud a possibility for our team. I truly feel that their solution will evolve how distributed systems are written, tested, and deployed.”

- Stefan Kutko, VP Engineering at Electronifie

Typical Use Cases

devops microservices

Dockerizing and scaling applications

devops blue green deployment

Expert AWS and Azure guidance and implementation

devops infrastructure as code

Infrastructure design or re-architecture

devops database optimization

Microservices design

devops docker scaling

Cloud migrations

devops design

Blue/green deployments

devops cloud migration

CI/CD pipeline implementation

devops continuous integration delivery


devops configuration management

Configuration Management

Database tweaking and optimization

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