Caylent Catalysts™

Network Modernization Strategy

Modernize existing networks to enhance security, reduce cost, and tackle the transition to IPv6

What is it?

A modern, resilient network that will save costs, increase security, and transition from IPv4 to IPv6.

Whether you are new to AWS or have existing workloads, a reliable and cost-optimized network architecture is critical. Caylent's AWS Networking Strategy Catalyst provides insight into AWS networking best practices and develops an adoption strategy tailored to your needs. We'll combine our expertise from delivering complex, global, mission-critical networking implementations with an assessment of your existing network architecture and application needs to define a target state architecture collaboratively.

Caylent’s experts have optimized networks from HTTP3 at the client to AWS SRD at the backend and all nodes in between. We will conduct a series of workshops with your networking and application owners, uncover workload requirements for networking, establish isolation and interconnectivity requirements, and collaborate to define a target state network architecture and an action plan to implement the architecture.

Key Activities

01 — Assess

During the discovery workshops, Caylent will review your existing network architecture, identify networking pain points, and determine an adoption strategy.

02 — Architect

Caylent networking experts will establish isolation and interconnectivity requirements and define an optimized target state network architecture.

03 — Act

Caylent will deliver a target state architecture and adoption strategy proposal outlining the steps needed to modernize your current network architecture.

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