Caylent Catalysts™

AI Innovation Engine

Accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) from idea to impact with adaptive and agile teams

What is it?

An embedded, agile, multi-disciplinary AI team that enables nimble development of short and long-term analytical and generative AI initiatives.

Our team starts by working backward from business problems and potential value to prioritize tailored solutions. We seek to prove the feasibility of selected use cases using a continuous innovation framework, and our operations-focused team members produce value by putting proven AI into production. As your needs evolve over time, so does our team’s skill mix, so we can better support research and experimentation as well as production excellence throughout the entire life of the partnership.

Our AI Innovation Engine is ideal for companies fully committed to developing multiple bespoke AI solutions that impact current opportunities and want to create a cultural framework for transformative innovation. Through our time-tested frameworks and technical accelerators, we will collaborate closely with your teams to assess, architect, and accelerate the creation of business value, turning ideas into impact.

Key Activities

01 — Prioritize

Construct a cross- functional idea funnel to rank potential use cases by value and feasibility.

02 — Prove

AI experts prompt, tune, train, test, and refine use cases against your goals to validate the expected value.

03 — Produce

Operators take proven experiments from the lab into production, adding automation and operational guardrails.

Engagement Details

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