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Serverless Data Lake

Rapidly implement a foundational low-code data lake with Caylent's data engineering experts who will also enable your teams for no-code exploratory data analysis.

What is it?

Quickly implement a low-code data lake for no-code exploratory data analysis.

Businesses are generating data at an explosive rate, but have barely scratched the surface on how to tap into this valuable resource. IDC estimates that 175 zettabytes of data will be created, consumed, and stored annually by 2025, making effective and efficient data storage more critical than ever before.

As businesses pivot towards being data-driven, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning become competitive advantages. Using the suite of data storage and analytics options on AWS, proactive businesses are realizing that value and gaining advantage today.

Caylent’s data engineering experts will work with you to build a foundational data lake and enable your teams on how to use no-code solutions for wrangling and exploring your data. Our Serverless Data Lake Caylent Catalyst will shorten your time to market from months to weeks and set you up to easily grow your data lake by scaling ingest sources through low-code solutions.

Key Activities

01 — Discovery and Planning

Through a discovery workshop, we’ll discuss your data lake foundation and data exploration needs, then capture your requirements on data import and access patterns.

02 — Design

Based on your requirements, we’ll design the baseline infrastructure, data pipelines, and security model, build a serverless data lake in your production account and import up to 3 single schema data sources.

03 — Enablement

We’ll then conduct an exploratory data analysis (EDA) lab so your team can gain hands-on experience using AWS Glue DataBrew and AWS Lake Formation for data exploration, cataloging, and governance.

Engagement Details

Serverless Data Lake

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