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Revolutionize your SaaS and ISV solutions on AWS

What is it?

Revolutionize your SaaS and ISV Solutions on AWS

In today’s fast paced and increasingly digital business environment, companies are letting go of their legacy applications and moving to modern SaaS solutions to stay competitive in today’s landscape. Caylent’s Modern SaaS practice helps customers at any stage, from startup to enterprise, by identifying the right tenancy models and building cloud native applications that fuel sustainable growth of your product offerings.

Our Expertise

01 — Migrate and Modernize

Migrate on-prem deployments to AWS and modernize your infrastructure with auto-scaling, auto-healing, and auto-provisioning capabilities. Our expertise in migration and DevOps will ensure you have the best foundation to build your SaaS solutions.

02 — Tenancy Optimization

Optimize your SaaS solutions’ tenancy by leveraging our deep understanding of the unit economics of SaaS products. We can take existing single-tenant applications and securely deliver a cost optimized multi-tenant solution.

03 — Application Refactor

Refactor your application backend with cloud native technologies. With deep expertise in containers and serverless, our team can help you get the most out of AWS by leveraging managed AWS services like Amazon EKS, AWS Lambda and more.

04 — Tenant Provisioning & Automation

Streamline and automate tenant provisioning for individual users and enterprise accounts. Create a single-pane of glass for managing customer utilization at scale.

05 — Unit Economics

Let our team help you map out your cost per customer at any scale so that you can better understand the economics of your solution and where your efficiencies are.

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