Read how Skedulo worked with Caylent to establish a reliable and secure infrastructure that seamlessly scaled to support a rapidly growing user base during the pandemic

"Caylent has been an outstanding partner in leading Novus from an antiquated physical datacenter to a modern Kubernetes-based Platform running on the AWS cloud. Working together with Caylent, Novus has enjoyed a 50% reduction in total infrastructure spend – including a 54% reduction in daily operational costs – all while seeing our application uptime improve to over 99.9%."

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Skedulo provides an AI and machine learning powered Deskless Productivity Cloud solution that empowers organizations to manage and support remote workers. Skedulo leveraged their advanced capabilities to develop a Vaccine Scheduling platform that was rapidly adopted by large public sector clients amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.


Skedulo experienced rapid growth in the adoption of their vaccine scheduling platform among state and local governments due to a large national vaccination effort during the pandemic. As a consequence of this rapid growth, the infrastructure and operations teams were struggling to scale their environment to handle the growing user base. They recognized that using a partner to operationally manage their AWS environment and improve their logging, observability, and alerting system would allow them to focus on key business objectives while ensuring their platform was reliable and consistent. Additionally, existing cloud infrastructure was proving difficult to scale and Skedulo leaned on Caylent to recommend & implement Well-Architected infrastructure and governance best practices. 


A Caylent engineering pod was engaged to provide Skedulo with flexibility in project deliverables and a range of AWS skill sets, as required. Caylent quickly started reworking the IAM policies and Account Structure for Skedulo’s AWS environment to leverage policies that would remain secure and scale with increased demand. Caylent also helped Skedulo troubleshoot other issues that arose with rapid scaling like reaching AWS account limits and performing at scale. 

A key area of focus was also around system observability and alerting. Prior to Caylent’s arrival, Skedulo had limited insight into key health and performance metrics for their environment, which could lead to issues. Caylent worked across their AWS ecosystem to leverage AWS Lambda, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, and AWS CloudTrail to facilitate more accurate log tracking and tagging. Caylent worked closely with Skedulo to determine key metrics for dashboarding on a DataDog extension. Caylent also implemented AWS KMS to ensure the logging and tracking processes for Skedulo that would remain secure as they scaled.

Caylent and Skedulo worked closely together to prioritize a set of networking and infrastructure projects that the Caylent pod supported. Caylent worked on Amazon API Gateway and AWS Transit Gateway connections to ensure secure and scalable external integrations. Caylent also identified and implemented several infrastructure management workflow improvements for Infrastructure as Code, leveraging AWS CloudFormation


The close partnership between Skedulo and Caylent led to scalable infrastructure and account policies that were able to securely withstand huge increases in demand as large public enterprises quickly adopted the platform. By partnering closely with Caylent, Skedulo was able to maintain secure and reliable service operations and allow their in-house team to focus on product development to fuel continued growth.

By improving key logging and alerting systems, Skedulo now has better insight into their environment health and platform clientele, with an improved and actionable alerting system that reduces the manual overhead needed to manage it. As a result of the engagement, Skedulo was able to create & manage infrastructure, observability, and alerting, that is able to withstand large, rapid increases in demand following pandemic trends while also meeting key compliance requirements of their public sector clientele. 






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