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Data Modernization & Analytics

From implementing data lakes and migrating off commercial databases to optimizing data flows between systems, turn your data into insights with AWS cloud native data services.

What is it?

Extract value from your data and accelerate your time to insight with modern data platforms

Data, data everywhere, not a drop of insight goes the saying. Businesses invariably generate and accumulate data but don't always have a way to unlock the full potential of that data. A data modernization and analytics strategy tailor-made for each organization, drawing from several successful patterns, can address key concerns that get in the way of business outcomes.

Caylent helps organizations take advantage of AWS’s suite of purpose-built databases, storage, integration, analytics, and AI/ML services. Whether you're looking to implement a data lake, migrate from licensed commercial databases, gather business intelligence, or optimize data flow between systems, Caylent can help you quickly realize the value of your data.

  • Gain a 360° view of data. Make data trustworthy and high quality, break data silos, and gain a holistic view of each business domain
  • Break free from legacy database licensing. Save money by moving to cost-effective and flexible AWS database solutions which offer pay-as-you-go pricing models 
  • Accelerate Self-Service Analytics. Gain a competitive edge by leveraging AWS’s suite of powerful self-service analytics tools that enable businesses to perform complex data analysis and gain insights quickly
  • Monetize Your Data. Augment existing data with 3rd party data sources, improve products and services with machine learning and real-time data to create new revenue streams.

What we do

How we do it

Experience across the entire data maturity spectrum

From strategy to implementation, we'll work with you to identify the best-fit solution to help you progress on your data maturity journey. At the early stages of data maturity organizations may need help with database optimization or operational reporting. As customers move along the maturity spectrum from transactional-only systems to self-service analytics, machine learning and fully governed data platforms, Caylent has the experience to assess, advise, and implement a data maturity roadmap that unlocks the full potential of your data assets

Deep domain expertise in AWS and industries

As an AWS recognized Data & Analytics Competency partner Caylent has demonstrated breadth and depth of AWS solutions that solve customer problems and drive business outcomes across various industries such as Healthcare, Life Sciences, Financial Services and SaaS. The competency as well as the partnership with AWS arms our engineering teams with exclusive and early access to AWS product roadmaps, training, and technical resources.

Focus on Data Governance and DataOps

Data that’s not reliable is as harmful as data that gets in the hands of a perpetrator. Caylent helps organizations maximize the value of their data assets, building solutions to be able to trust and secure data. Data governance and DataOps are essential practices for the success of data-driven organizations. Combining Data Governance and DataOps solutions Caylent can help organizations develop a comprehensive data management strategy, derive meaningful insights from their data, and drive business success.

Battle tested platforms and accelerators

Get started on your data and analytics initiatives with minimal investment and accelerated time to market with our pre-built AWS solutions like Caylent’s Governed Data Platform™ and Caylent Catalysts™.Through these customizable solutions, Caylent will assess your current data landscape in view of your organizational strategy, propose a roadmap, and implement the best-fit solution. Catalysts help organizations implement AWS solutions quicker, drawing from Caylent’s experience in building solutions for customers across industries.

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Caylent Catalysts™

Serverless Data Lake

Rapidly implement a foundational low-code data lake with Caylent's data engineering experts who will also enable your teams for no-code exploratory data analysis.

Caylent Catalysts™

Data Modernization Strategy

From implementing data lakes & migrating off commercial databases to optimizing data flows between systems, turn your data into insights with AWS cloud native data services.

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