Cloud Native Accelerators

Leveraging our AWS expertise, Caylent has created these accelerators to jumpstart your cloud native journey.


Rocket Fuel for Cloud Native

Accelerate your cloud native adoption journey with Caylent Catalysts, a collection of accelerators to fuel your modernization initiatives. Leveraging our deep experience and patterns we’ve recognized across various industries and use cases, we’ve created these accelerators to save you weeks, if not months, of time to jumpstart your cloud native journey on AWS. 


We go beyond a typical discovery process - we truly listen. We want to know where you've been, where you're going and what your ultimate goals are.


Education, labs, deployment, reviews, initial consultation & scoping can all be a part of the workshops associated with your Catalyst.


After understanding your needs and goals, we will present an analysis showing gaps in your current process or environment so we can develop an action plan.

Action Plan

After we present the analysis, we will create an action plan to leverage our accelerators and meet your goals and build a solid foundation.


Learn More About Caylent Catalysts

Discover the details of the Caylent Catalysts that are currently available to you and your team.

Caylent Catalyst©
AWS Control Tower

Establish a secure, compliant Landing Zone- tailored to your requirements through a series of interactive workshops and accelerators, creating a production-ready AWS foundation.

Caylent Catalyst©
Disaster Recovery Assessment

Determine the disaster recovery (DR) strategy best suited to protect your workloads on AWS, tailored to your budgets and recovery targets.


Caylent Catalyst©

Accelerate your Kubernetes adoption roadmap by giving your team a reusable automated pipeline for managing your clusters, operators & containers.


Caylent Catalyst©
Serverless App

Design new cloud native applications by providing secure, reliable and scalable development foundation and pathway to a minimum viable product (MVP).

MLOps Strategy Assessment

Plan and implement an MLOps strategy unique to your team's needs, capabilities, and current state, unlocking the next steps in tactical execution by offloading the infrastructure, data, operations, and automation work from data scientists.​

Caylent Catalyst©
AWS Security Guardrails

Quickly establish an AWS presence that meets technical security framework guidance by establishing automated guardrails that ensure your environments remain compliant.

Caylent Catalyst©
Enhanced Control Tower

Accelerate the adoption of a production ready AWS foundation, and establish automated security guardrails to keep existing and new accounts in compliance with your desired security posture.

Caylent Catalyst©
Serverless Data Lake

Rapidly implement a foundational low-code data lake with Caylent's data engineering experts who will also enable your teams for no-code exploratory data analysis.

Data Modernization Assessment

From implementing data lakes & migrating off commercial databases to optimizing data flows between systems, turn your data into insights with AWS cloud native data services.

Caylent Catalyst©
Security & Compliance

Includes current state security posture assessment and a prioritized list of cloud security deliverables based on governance, risk, and compliance remediation activities.


Leverage Our Experience to Get it Right the First Time

As a cloud native organization with its roots in building developer tools, we have a real passion for the modern cloud. With deep experience with AWS cloud native tools, whatever challenge you’re facing, odds are that we have tackled it before. We’ve turned this experience into Caylent Catalysts, a collection of accelerators to add rocket fuel to your modernization initiatives. 

We Bring Out the Best in People and Technology

We are forward thinking, exploratory in our approach and pride ourselves on true partnership with our customers. Being a partner means engaging together in a focused effort to drive your vision forward and achieve technical and business results. To accomplish this, Caylent goes beyond the technology to ensure your team gains the knowledge and skills they need.

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