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Serverless App

Design new cloud native applications by providing secure, reliable and scalable development foundation and pathway to a minimum viable product (MVP).

What is it?

Accelerate the design and validation of new applications by delivering an automated solution for application build, test, release, and observability that is ready to grow with your team and product portfolio.

With years of R&D and millions dollars in investment, AWS has created a plethora of fully managed services, purpose built for every part of the application stack. By leveraging these services, teams can shorten their development cycles and focus on application code instead of managing underlying infrastructure such as compute, databases and storage.

Through our experience in building platforms for serverless applications across various industries, we know what it takes to accelerate product team velocity. Caylent will work with your team to design a solution architecture for a serverless application platform, with an emphasis on leveraging AWS’ fully managed services.

Key Activities

01 — Discovery and Planning

We’ll conduct a cloud native platform services review, serverless app workshop, and run a requirements mapping workshop to create a draft architecture.

02 — Design

Collaborate in hands-on labs to co-build a development platform and application pipeline. We’ll walk you through how to deploy a sample application in the new platform as well as code, build, and release changes.

03 — Enablement

We'll share our recommendation for cloud-native learning, conduct a final review of the solution, and provide all documentation and technical artifacts.

Engagement Details

Serverless App Catalyst 

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