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AWS Graviton Migration Strategy

Evolve beyond clock speed and core count comparisons and realize real world performance for modern cloud workloads.

What is it?

Improve your compute price/performance by up to 60% by testing, benchmarking, migrating and optimizing applications for AWS Graviton.

Caylent helps customers achieve up to 60% price and performance savings across AWS compute platforms by testing, benchmarking, migrating, and optimizing applications for AWS Graviton. Caylent's Graviton Migration process doesn't just port applications to Graviton but helps customers develop CI/CD pipelines that continuously optimize applications as new AWS silicon innovations become available.

Though our AWS Graviton Migration Strategy engagement, we’ll work with you to determine the best adoption path. We’ll review your data and compute tiers as well as assess your applications’ compatibility with ARM processors / instances.

At the close of the engagement, you’ll have a roadmap for your adoption path, complete with a business case detailing your cost savings and performance improvements as well as recommendations on any refactoring needed for optimal operations on AWS Graviton.

Key Activities

01 — Data Tier Migrations

Migrate AWS managed data services such as Amazon RDS, Kafka and other open source engines to AWS Graviton Instances.

02 — Compute Tier Migrations

Migrate AWS managed compute services such as Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate, and AWS Lambda, to AWS Graviton Instances.

03 — Application Migrations & Modernization

Migrate, modernize and optimize entire applications to run on AWS Graviton Instances.

Engagement Details

AWS Graviton Migration Strategy

  • Assess your application architecture for AWS Graviton opportunities
  • Data Tiers
  • Compute Tiers
  • Build and Release Processes
  • Review your application code and library dependencies for compatibility with AWS Graviton
  • Identify opportunities for application modernization or refactoring
  • Identify potential candidates and business cases for AWS Graviton
  • Provide recommendations and roadmap for migration and modernization
  • Provide recommendations for validating improvements through benchmarking

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