Enhanced AWS Control Tower

What is it?

Fast track your adoption of AWS Control Tower to enable scalable governance of your multi-account AWS landscape with Caylent Catalysts™ 

AWS Control Tower is the AWS native way to streamline management of your AWS Landing Zone, a secure, compliant multi-account foundation, allowing you to quickly spin-up additional accounts, consolidate billing, group accounts, and apply policies to those groups.

Caylent’s experience working with complex technology organizations that require regulatory compliance has resulted in our team setting up hundreds of AWS Control Tower foundations. Caylent works alongside clients on new AWS Control Tower setups or can help organizations migrate from a traditional Landing Zone to AWS Control Tower.

This solution accelerates implementation of a production ready AWS foundation with AWS Control Tower. Establish automated security guardrails using AWS native services, tune controls to your specific requirements and enable alerting to keep your existing and new AWS accounts in compliance with your intended security posture.

Key Activities

01 — Discovery and Planning

Understand your current use of AWS and review environments, processes, source code, development & security standards, tooling, documentation, and repositories.

02 — Design

Engage in up to 3 days of workshops on security & compliance, foundational AWS requirements, DevOps & CI/CD. Design security roles, permissions, alert configuration and operational flow.

03 — Deployment

Caylent will deploy this configurable solution into your AWS account, deliver an enablement session and handoff all diagrams, documentation, source code, scripts and artifacts.

Engagement Details

Enhanced AWS Control Tower

AWS Control Tower Deployment
  • Multi-account and Organizational Units (OUs) structure defined, documented, and deployed.
  • Existing accounts imported into Control Tower (optional)
  • Control Tower Guardrails reviewed and applied
  • Enable CloudTrail, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Security Hub, and AWS Config
  • Best practice VPC deployed as code Configure and deploy Control Tower customization pipeline
Security Guardrails Enhancement
  • Security roles & permissions, alert configuration, and operational flow design
  • Operationalize AWS Security Hub, review security roles and RACI, and prioritize any initial findings
  • Begin deploying protective and detective capabilities with Amazon Inspector
  • Deliver workshops to establish security operations
  • Provide Incident response playbooks for common use cases

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