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Diversity Empowering Technology

The Caylien Collective

Diversity and equity are ingrained in the foundation of all that we do

Like Caylent fuels cloud native we believe diversity fuels our innovation and connects us deeply with the customers and communities we serve. With over half of our leadership team being women and a Caylien Collective board dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), we are fueling diversity and equity in the cloud services industry.

Our Pillars

The Caylien Collective sees a world where everyone has access to growth opportunities to realize their full potential. We know that through meaningful engagement with our community and development of the most diverse talent on this planet, we can impact change and progress within the technology ecosystem.


Technology enablement and education in local communities through events and volunteering helping underserved groups prosper and advance.


Mentorship and professional development to ensure we are recruiting, hiring and retaining the most diverse talent.


We regularly assess how Cayliens are creating an inclusive place to work, the diversity in our candidate funnel and equity in our promotions.


Collective action to impact DEI, invest in the 5 C’s: the Cause, the Community, the Colleges, the Customers and the Cayliens.


Learn about some of the initiatives we drove, from hackathons and roundtable discussion, to empowering children across underprivileged parts of the world, with education around technology and cloud computing.

The Speaker Series

In collaboration with AWS & Village Book Builders, we introduced students from schools in Ghana and Uganda, to the concepts of cloud computation, AWS as well as the technology industry and the experience of working in tech.


The talented students of Clark Atlanta University participated in our first ever AWS Hackathon and learned about careers in tech.

Encuentro of Caylien Women

The women of Caylent discussed self-confidence in the workplace, shared their unique experiences and their perspectives on overcoming challenges they face everyday.

Panels & Speaking Appearances

Caylien Collective founders host panels on topics ranging from diversity, inclusivity and equity, to the experiences of women founders in the tech industry.


Watch our content to gather our perspective on various topics such as the impact of diversity in the workplace and the careers for women in the technology industry.

Careers at Caylent

Caylent doesn’t just offer its employees a chance to learn and grow, it offers them a place to thrive. Come join us!