AWS Control Tower

What is it?

A secure, compliant multi-account foundation, allowing you to quickly spin-up additional accounts, consolidate billing, group accounts, and apply policies to those groups.

Caylent’s experience working with complex technology organizations that require regulatory compliance has resulted in our team setting up hundreds of AWS Control Tower foundations. Caylent works alongside clients on new AWS Control Tower setups or can help organizations migrate from legacy account structure to AWS Control Tower.

This solution accelerates implementation of a production ready AWS foundation with AWS Control Tower.

Key Activities

01 — Discovery and Planning

Determine your current understanding and use of containers today as well as learn about your future state development objectives.

02 — Design

Based on your needs, you can choose to engage in up to 3 days of workshops which include; education, labs, deployment, reviews, initial consultation and scoping.

03 — Deployment

Deploy our configurable Caylent Catalyst® into your AWS account and participate in an enablement workshop using a sample Kubernetes application.

Engagement Details

AWS Control Tower Catalyst



  • Multi-account and Organizational Units (OUs) structure defined, documented, and deployed
  • Existing accounts imported into Control Tower (optional)


  • Control Tower Guardrails reviewed and applied
  • Select elective and strongly recommended guardrails and configure them

Best Practice VPC Deployed as Code

  • Availability Zones (AZs) (2, 3, or 4)
  • Default VPC deleted
  • Routing & network planning
  • Subnet tiers configuration and discussion
  • VPC Endpoints configured (optional)


  • Configure and deploy Control Tower customization pipeline
  • Demo the pipeline operations and enhancements


  • Enable SSO

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