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Energy, Power & Utilities

Achieve unparalleled efficiencies across energy usage and operational expenses.

Why Caylent?

Embrace the future of energy and transform your operations on AWS

With the rapidly growing demands of energy consumption, the AWS cloud is providing scalability, cost-savings, and real-time data insights, enabling Energy, Power and Utilities companies to access unprecedented efficiencies across energy consumption and operational costs.

Our Expertise

Data Management

Collect and analyze massive amounts of data in real-time to gain visibility into valuable insights and improve decision making

Advanced Analytics

Utilize machine learning to enable monitoring to help predict equipment failure and schedule proactive maintenance

Monitoring & Alerting

Build solutions that can remotely monitor facilities and customer sites, and detect critical infrastructure anomalies by working with streaming data that integrates with SCADA systems

Operational Efficiency

Leverage AI/ML to analyze patterns and improve operations with automation and robust data services for use cases such as workforce optimization, energy efficiencies, and infrastructure maintenance.

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Unlock the Full Power of Amazon Web Services

Caylent Services

AWS Foundations & Migrations

From rehosting to replatforming to rearchitecting, Caylent will help you leverage AWS to its fullest potential to meet your business objectives.

Caylent Services

Application Modernization

Innovate at the speed of light with modern applications powered by modular architectures running on purpose-built AWS services.

Caylent Services

Cloud Native App Dev

Deliver high-quality, scalable, cloud native, and user-friendly applications that allow you to focus on your business needs and deliver value to your end users faster.

Caylent Services

Data Modernization & Analytics

From implementing data lakes and migrating off commercial databases to optimizing data flows between systems, turn your data into insights with AWS cloud native data services.

Caylent Services

Artificial Intelligence & MLOps

Apply artificial intelligence (AI) to your data to automate business processes and predict outcomes. Gain a competitive edge in your industry and make more informed decisions.

Caylent Services

Infrastructure & DevOps Modernization

Quickly establish an AWS presence that meets technical security framework guidance by establishing automated guardrails that ensure your environments remain compliant.

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