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AWS Foundations & Migrations

From rehosting to replatforming to rearchitecting, Caylent will help you leverage AWS to its fullest potential to meet your business objectives.

What is it?

Harness the power of AWS infrastructure and cloud-native services to supercharge innovation & unleash the full potential of your applications

Whether you’re looking to establish AWS foundations for net-new applications or wish to rehost, replatform, or re-architect your existing workloads to leverage cloud native services, adopting the AWS cloud can offer significant advantages.

  • Improved Performance. Leverage purpose-built, managed AWS services that effortlessly and automatically scale with demand and stay resilient through unexpected failures 
  • Granular Cost Control. Achieve cost optimization like never before, leveraging AWS’ pay-as-you-go pricing model. Gain visibility into your spending and simplify maintenance, easily adjusting your resources to match demand, eliminating waste and maximizing your ROI.
  • Bespoke to Your Needs. Tailor your solution using a plethora of storage, processing, security, networking and data engineering services to optimize every aspect of your infrastructure and unlock the specific capabilities your workloads need.
  • Speed to market. Gain a competitive advantage by speeding up build cycles. Deliver reliable products and improve user experience faster by offloading operational overhead to AWS.
  • Future-Proofing. Benefit from modern architectures and AWS services with improved security, agility, reliability, and best practices.

What we do

Why Caylent

01 — Listen

We go beyond a typical discovery process - we truly listen. We conduct a comprehensive migration readiness assessment to identify gaps & opportunities across your tooling and applications. Working backwards from your business goals, we help you build a bespoke migration strategy, examining all aspects of your infrastructure to identify opportunities to eliminate cruft and take advantage of cloud-native capabilities.

02 — Architect

Once we fully understand your needs, our team meticulously architects your AWS infrastructure and technical foundations, prioritizing security, availability, and cost-effectiveness for long-term success and peak performance. Leveraging our proficiency and dedication to excellence, you can confidently trust that your AWS environment will satisfy the most rigorous standards of quality & reliability.

03 — Migrate

No migration is typical, and there is no compression algorithm for experience. Caylent has enabled hundreds of customers to successfully migrate and modernize their applications into best-in-class cloud native architectures. Our thoughtfully planned process not only ensures the seamless transfer or transformation of your workloads and applications, it also minimizes disruptions.

04 — Educate

Caylent doesn't just migrate your environment, we make sure you're armed with the tools, knowledge and processes to be self-sufficient and set up for success. We prioritize not only your immediate needs but also help you with upskilling your teams to ensure your ongoing operational excellence, empowering you to achieve your goals today and in the future.

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Caylent Catalysts™

Enhanced AWS Control Tower

Accelerate the adoption of a production ready AWS foundation, and establish automated security guardrails to keep existing and new accounts in compliance with your desired security posture.

Caylent Catalysts™

AWS Control Tower

Establish a Landing Zone tailored to your requirements through a series of interactive workshops and accelerators, creating a production-ready AWS foundation.

Caylent Catalysts™

AWS Graviton Migration Strategy

Evolve beyond clock speed and core count comparisons and realize real world performance for modern cloud workloads.

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