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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Accelerate medical innovation and improve patient outcomes and experience with a secure and resilient global cloud infrastructure on AWS.

Our Expertise

Power healthcare innovations on AWS to reimagine patient experiences.

Healthcare and Life Sciences (HCLS) organizations are increasingly adopting cloud-native solutions to accelerate their pace of innovation, activate their data to drive business decisions, increase the quality of care, and decrease the cost of care. With over 150 HIPAA-eligible services and purpose-built solutions, AWS offers the best platform for HCLS companies to reimagine and reinvent their digital systems to improve patient experiences.

Caylent holds the AWS Healthcare Services Competency, achieved through extensive experience building solutions for healthcare providers, payers, and health tech.

Our Specializations

Modern Clinical Systems

Modernize the entire patient care continuum to optimize costs, improve performance, and automate core processes involving electronic health records (EHR) and medical imaging.

Digital Health Solutions

Create innovative AI-powered telehealth and patient support systems. Solutions like automated speech recognition can streamline clinician data workflows.

Healthcare Analytics

Adopt a governed data platform to collect, consolidate, and analyze sensitive data to drive insights, improve quality of care, optimize operations, and predict future needs.

Core Health IT

Migrate and modernize core health IT systems on AWS to drive cost efficiencies, expand health data access with interoperability, consolidate data centers, and improve disaster recovery.

Our Healthcare & Life Sciences Customers

Jumpstart your Healthcare & Life Sciences Initiatives with Caylent Catalysts™

Caylent Catalysts™


Enhance patient care with AWS HealthLake, an advanced analytics & artificial intelligence solution.

Caylent Catalysts™

Enhanced AWS Control Tower

Accelerate the adoption of a production ready AWS foundation, and establish automated security guardrails to keep existing and new accounts in compliance with your desired security posture.

Caylent Catalysts™

Data Modernization Strategy

From implementing data lakes & migrating off commercial databases to optimizing data flows between systems, turn your data into insights with AWS cloud native data services.

Caylent Catalysts™

Serverless App

Design new cloud native applications by providing secure, reliable and scalable development foundation and pathway to a minimum viable product (MVP).

Caylent Catalysts™

Disaster Recovery Strategy

Determine the disaster recovery (DR) strategy best suited to protect your workloads on AWS, tailored to your budgets and recovery targets.

Accelerate your cloud native journey

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