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Caylent is a Cloud Native services provider serving technology-enabled companies ranging from venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Our employees enjoy being on the cutting edge of technology while enjoying our fully-remote company and culture. Ready to join the team? 


DevOps and Cloud Native

We are passionate about all things DevOps and Cloud Native and value teamwork, ownership, and customer success. Our employees are the most important part of Caylent and thrive in a fast-paced, distributed work environment that has been 100% remote since 2015. Our unique practice areas afford opportunities to work with the most modern, challenging, and exciting technologies that are leading edge. And most importantly, we have fun!

Forward Thinking

We see around corners and anticipate needs before they become challenges. We are forward-thinking, exploratory in our approach and true partners with our customers.

Cloud Native Expertise

Our commitment to the open source community includes membership in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and status as a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP).

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Working at Caylent

Our mission at Caylent is simple – to help organizations modernize to meet their business goals – and have a great time doing it.

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The Caylent Difference

With employees from over 16 different countries and women well-represented on our leadership team, we like to think that we’re a different kind of tech company. Made up of employees who have come from other top cloud consulting partners and cutting-edge companies, we saw that there was a better way – one that included diversity, a genuinely helpful culture and most of all – fun. We take the work we do very seriously, but never ourselves. 

Caylent has been remote-first from the beginning. We use tools like Slack and other collaboration tools to ensure our team feels connected. Every Caylent team member has a pool of points to thank each other for going above and beyond. This has helped nurture our collaborative culture. One employee described asking for help feeling like simply walking to your neighbor’s house and asking to borrow a cup of sugar. We believe strongly in supporting one another and going the extra mile for our customers and for each other. 

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Our Values

What We Believe Here at Caylent

Our values are our north star. They guide the way to approach our work and interact with our customers and each other. By living our values each and every day, the Caylent Crew maintains a rich and vibrant culture where we do top work and enjoy doing it. 

Be an Exceptional Partner​

Exceed expectations. Leverage your knowledge. Be a problem solver Communicate effectively.

Stay Curious​

Keep a beginner's mindset. Make time to learn. Share your knowledge. Use new knowledge to forge opportunities.

Rise Together​

Enjoy the journey. Go the extra mile. Be humble. Solve together.

Lead by Example​

Empower disruption. Foster a blameless culture. Get involved. Favor action.


The Caylien Collective

At Caylent, we believe diversity and equity are part of our DNA, fueling our innovation and helping us build deeper relationships with the customers and communities we serve. The Caylien Collective is focused on enabling a world where everyone has access to growth opportunities and can realize their full potential.

We have embarked on initiatives from empowering students within the US as well as other countries with insights on cloud computing and the industry, created platforms for women in technology to share their stories and inspire others, and hosted speaker appearances and roundtables to discuss pertinent topics that encourage thought around how we can build a world where diversity and equal opportunity are foundational principles. 


Be an Exceptional Partner

  • Exceed expectations
    Go beyond delivering what works; customers, partners and teammates trust our judgment to deliver the most accurate solutions and overcome any obstacle.
  • Leverage your knowledge and experience
    Help others see around corners. Strive to deliver optimal results that help our customers, partners and teammates accomplish their goals.
  • Be a problem solver
    Read between the lines of the task you are being asked to do. Dive deep into issues so you can understand the challenges and deliver solutions at the highest level.
  • Communicate effectively
    Communicate obstacles and solutions in an effective way so all parties to have a clear understanding and can participate in decision making in an informed manner. 

Stay Curious

  • Keep a beginner’s mindset
    Always remain open-minded and challenge preconceived notions. Never lose the desire to learn; there is always more to discover.
  • Make time to learn
    No matter how busy we are, we must make time to improve ourselves so we can be even better tomorrow. When we elevate ourselves, we elevate those around us. 
  • Share your knowledge
    Be generous with your time and learnings. There is always someone who would benefit from you passing your knowledge onto them. 
  • Use new knowledge to forge opportunities
    Find opportunities for growth and new areas in which you can excel by applying what you have learned. Knowledge only becomes power when it’s applied.

Rise Together

  • Enjoy the journey
    Make sure our team feels appreciated and valued, take time to share and be there for each other. Celebrate successes and be generous with gratitude and praise.
  • Go the extra mile
    When you have a task to do or if you have a new idea, take it as far as you can to make the next person’s job easier. If there’s work to be done, we roll up our sleeves and pitch in.
  • Be humble
    Share the praise and let others shine. Celebrate the strength of others, even when their gifts aren’t an area of strength for you. Their success is not a threat to your position or authority. 
  • Solve Together
    Contribute to and leverage the collective knowledge of the team. Make suggestions, enable feedback and highlight strengths. Remove roadblocks so others can thrive.

Lead By Example

  • Empower disruption 
    Play bigger, never settle. Embrace change and challenge what’s possible. Never be afraid to ask or answer questions, propose solutions or give your point of view in a constructive manner.
  • Foster a blameless culture 
    Fail fast. Fail often. Fail forward. Celebrate the learnings; don’t point fingers or place blame. Focus on offering solutions instead of complaints. 
  • Get Involved
    When you see an area of opportunity for improvement, offer to own it and propose a solution and plan. 
  • Favor action 
    Don’t let perfectionism stand in the way of making incremental improvements and moving an idea forward. 
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Caylent is a remote-first, cloud native company that works with the latest technologies to help our customers harness the power of AWS.  Caylent doesn’t just offer  its employees a chance to learn and grow, it offers them a place to thrive. Come join us!