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By rewriting a significant portion of the application and adopting a cloud-native infrastructure, Smart Eye Technology was able to efficiently scale their compute and reduce their TCO by 30%.

Smart Eye Technology is a SaaS company that provides solutions for digital privacy. Serving use cases across industries such as finance, banking, healthcare and real estate, Smart Eye Technology offers biometrically authenticated file sharing to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, digitally and physically.


Prior to engaging with Caylent, Smart Eye Technology offered their application for desktop use, which limited their distribution and scaling capabilities. The company was looking to improve the feature set and performance of their applications, scale their architecture efficiently to support growth, and optimize their costs. They recognized that to achieve these goals, they needed to migrate away from their legacy infrastructure and modernize on AWS, taking advantage of cloud-native scalability, flexibility and lower costs. Smart Eye Technology’s Founder, Dexter Caffey, sought a trusted partner to support their modernization efforts across their cloud infrastructure, desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Dexter Caffey
Caylent was instrumental in bringing our technology to life. If I’d sought another route instead of working with Caylent, it would have cost me more money, and I couldn’t have built what we built in 5 months. It would have taken up to 2 years. I would definitely work with Caylent in the future and I was really excited about their professionalism and flexibility towards addressing our needs.

Dexter Caffey

Founder/Chief Disruptor


Unwinding Smart Eye Technology’s legacy application from its 3rd-party dependencies and re-working it to leverage cloud-native capabilities would prove to be an extensive technical effort. Achieving the desired application state meant refactoring the application’s design and tooling. Smart Eye Technology relied on Caylent not only for the implementation but as a trusted advisor to workshop product functionality and provide recommendations for infrastructure and process improvements.

Caylent refactored Smart Eye Technology’s desktop application into a web application by rewriting 90% of their application to leverage containers, serverless, and modern languages and frameworks like Typescript and React. Caylent also designed and developed a mobile application alongside the web app, both of which leverage cloud-native services like AWS LambdaAmazon EKSAmazon RDS, and security services like Amazon Cognito to enable identity and access management functionality on their application. All of the underlying infrastructure was defined and managed with AWS CDK. Additionally, the Caylent team wrote a stand-alone SDK and API that allowed other organizations to integrate the security functionality into their own apps natively.

Leveraging Caylent’s Pods model provided Smart Eye Technology with the flexibility they needed to achieve their goals. During the engagement, the Caylent team was able to mobilize quickly through changing priorities and maintained strong communication with the Smart Eye Technology stakeholders, ensuring that road-mapped deliverables were achieved successfully. 

The teams also collaborated extensively for knowledge transfer, ensuring that Smart Eye Technology was technically informed of the implementations and set up with the tools, knowledge, and skills needed to succeed with their new cloud-native infrastructure and applications.


By rewriting a significant portion of the application and adopting a cloud-native infrastructure, Smart Eye Technology was able to efficiently scale their compute and reduce their TCO by 30%. Leveraging serverless improved the resiliency of their application while simultaneously reducing their operating costs compared to their legacy EC2 instances. Automating infrastructure deployment and leveraging fully managed AWS services, Smart Eye Technology was able to eliminate bandwidth constraints that were impeding feature development and innovation.

Beyond the technical implementation, Smart Eye Technology was able to lean on Caylent for strategic input on features and capabilities for their product. Caylent also provided guidance at critical moments in their growth journey and ensured that Smart Eye Technology had the resources necessary to achieve their goals.



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