Learn how hosting their computer vision platform on AWS helps Kibsi simplify infrastructure management, scalability and code deployment

"Caylent was instrumental in helping us bring our vision to life…The beauty of working with the Caylent team was that they truly became an extension of our team. They joined our daily standups, they joined our sprint ceremonies, and we knew that they were just as passionate about the product as we were. So whenever we handed off a task to them, we didn't feel like we just threw it over the wall into the ether. We knew we put it into hands that we can trust."

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Kibsi is a low-code computer vision platform that helps organizations generate real-time actionable insights from live-streaming video. Founded in 2021, the platform empowers analytics use cases across industries such as manufacturing, healthcare & life sciences, supply chain, transportation, food and beverage, as well as retail. 

Traditionally requiring immense expertise from Machine Learning PhDs and academics, Kibsi simplifies the deployment and management of complex real-time computer vision applications, into simple drag-and-drop operations. Converting the physical world to data, Kibsi helps companies detect objects from their video footage, track them as they move, put them in context, build business rules around them, and generate insights to guide business decisions.


In their startup phase, Kibsi was looking for help with deploying infrastructure on AWS that would underpin their platform. The company wanted a partner that could help them deploy and manage their environment, build in automation, help them utilize Kubernetes to maximize scalability and agility, and deliver code from their development through staging and production environments.


Through Caylent’s co-delivery model, Kibsi and Caylent worked together to deploy Kibsi’s infrastructure using AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway and Amazon DynamoDB for a serverless experience, accelerating the development of the application. Amazon Aurora Serverless was utilized for long-term storage, offering SQL-like functionality without the burden of managing the infrastructure. 

Kibsi’s application runtimes were built with Kubernetes, deployed using Amazon EKS running on GPU backed Amazon EC2 instances, providing the team with the portability needed in order to run the runtimes responsible for real-time video stream processing, real-time inference and data streams, both in the cloud and at the edge. AWS IoT Core was utilized to provide a critical link between Kibsi’s runtime environments, at the edge or on the cloud, allowing secure command and control. Their customer platform, which allows customers to develop applications and access analytics outcomes, is accessible through Kibsi’s web-based UI and API layer.


Caylent helped Kibsi accelerate their desired outcomes while ensuring high quality, setting Kibsi up for long-term scalability and reliability. This close partnership between teams allowed Kibsi to lean on Caylent to deploy and manage their AWS infrastructure, while allowing the Kibsi team to focus on their application logic, accelerating and maximizing innovation.

Kibsi’s environments deploy automatically, their environment is managed in git, their code is committed to the right destinations, they merge into the right branches, and the environments get updated automatically.



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