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Generative AI Knowledge Base

Enhance access to your corporate assets with a custom AI chatbot powered by Anthropic Claude 3 in Amazon Bedrock. Our AI experts will deploy a production-grade prototype to your AWS environment and configure Amazon Kendra to index your data.

What is it?

Quickly implement a custom AI chatbot, powered by Anthropic Claude 3 and Amazon Bedrock. Our AI experts will deploy a production-grade prototype to your AWS environment and configure Amazon Kendra to index your data.

Companies have extensive knowledge stores that can be difficult to navigate, whether for employees or external customers. Our Generative AI Knowledge Base Catalyst rapidly delivers business value by providing a natural language interface over institutional knowledge stores.

Caylent’s extensive experience in creating ML models, automating ML operations, enterprise data strategy, data governance, and data operations makes us the go-to partner for all aspects of generative AI enablement and implementation. Leverage our AWS expertise across cloud architecture and engineering, data engineering, artificial intelligence, security, and cloud native application development to build your custom, production-grade chatbot that’s fully integrated into your existing technology stack.

Key Activities

01 — Discovery

Through our discovery session, we’ll work with you to identify data sources for access and walk you through our solution architecture

02 — Implementation

We'll deploy the prototype to your AWS environment and configure Kendra to index your data and return relevant answers to user questions

03 — Enablement

We'll get under the hood and into the technical details to enable your team to operate the solution and extend it to additional sources

Engagement Details

  • Quickly enhance user experience with an interactive AI Assistant
  • Select your most impactful data sources and leverage Kendra connectors for: S3, RDS, Web Crawler, Slack, Confluence, and more
  • Choose the best price / performance model from LLMs in Bedrock or SageMaker
  • Ensure accurate responses with integrated sentiment analysis and user feedback during testing and tuning
  • Pre-built framework for enterprise search using natural language & GenAI
  • Private search using your data
  • Low-maintenance AI solution integrating Kendra, Lambda, and Bedrock or Sagemaker Jumpstart
  • Knowledge base source code

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