Outcome Based Marketing Company Leverages Generative AI on AWS to Enhance Customer Engagement and Lead Generation

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At a glance

Perform[cb] worked with Caylent to deploy a generative AI based chatbot solution to improve customer engagement and streamline lead generation, optimizing pipeline efficiency and workforce productivity.

Solution Implemented

Developed a generative AI chatbot with Amazon Bedrock, to engage website visitors, collecting initial information for lead qualification.

Implemented a cloud-native serverless infrastructure with Amazon S3, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Kendra and Terraform, ensuring a scalable and secure environment for operating their Anthropic Claude powered chatbot.

Outcomes Expected

Enhanced customer interaction on the website that may lead to an increase in captured leads with potential for conversion.

Reduction in time spent by sales representatives on unqualified leads, optimizing sales operations and focusing efforts on high-potential prospects.



Transforming Digital Marketing Services With Generative AI

Perform[cb] is the distinguished leader in outcome-based marketing. Recognized as the #1 in Outcomes Worldwide since 2015, Perform[cb] connects brands with new customers through their website, app, or call center on an outcome-based model - AKA, brands only pay for real results that truly matter to their business. Utilizing strategies across 26+ digital channels, Perform[cb] targets marketers' ideal audience and promotes their brand with AI-powered, high-value placements, ensuring optimal user experiences. Their team prioritizes marketers' key metrics, consistently refining the campaign approach based on their value signals, ensuring top-notch brand performance. 

Perform[cb] sought to expand its technical capabilities, aiming to capitalize on generative AI to engage more effectively with their prospects and capture higher quality potential leads to improve conversion rates. The company approached Caylent to implement a chatbot for their website, designed to interact with visitors, and enhance the understanding and clarity of Perform[cb]'s offerings for potential clients. It is also aimed at gathering essential information, and qualifying leads prior to their escalation to Perform[cb]’s sales team.


Perform[cb] sought to enhance its website visitor engagement and optimize its lead generation process. The challenge was to efficiently capture and qualify inbound leads, ensuring that the sales team could focus on prospects with the highest conversion potential.

Perform[cb] identified opportunities to improve how effectively they were engaging potential clients who visited their website, noticing a gap in converting these visitors into engaged leads. This gap introduced missed opportunities but also resulted in the sales team dedicating time to leads that were not always qualified, affecting overall efficiency and potential revenue. The company recognized the need for a solution that could automate the initial engagement and qualification process, ensuring that only interested and suitable leads were directed to the sales team. Perform[cb] looked to generative AI (GenAI) to address these challenges, aiming to enhance lead engagement and qualification through intelligent, automated conversations. They anticipated that GenAI could tangibly impact their revenue qualification by improving conversion rates and optimizing the sales process. The goal was to implement a technology that could interpret visitor inquiries accurately and provide tailored responses, guiding them through the decision-making process.

Dzenis Softic

"We’re looking forward to seeing how our Generative AI deployment enhances interactions with potential clients and improves the efficiency of our lead generation process. I’m excited to see how this technology will continue to refine our operations and help us achieve future goals for our clients and the company as a whole."

Dzenis Softic



  • Initiated with a proof of concept, demonstrating the effectiveness of generative AI in engaging customers and qualifying leads.
  • Developed a custom generative AI chatbot, utilizing AWS for a robust and scalable cloud infrastructure.
  • Tailored the chatbot to accurately reflect Perform[cb]'s brand voice and service offerings, with specific attention to compliance and security needs.
  • The solution was developed swiftly over three weeks, using TerraForm for infrastructure deployment 
  • The solution is integrated with Perform[cb]'s existing data sources to provide accurate and helpful responses to user inquiries.

Implementation began with initial scoping to align the chatbot's functionalities with Perform[cb]'s objectives, followed by the development of the chatbot using AWS services for a seamless integration into Perform[cb]'s existing website infrastructure. Development was conducted in a sandbox environment to refine the chatbot's responses and ensure its reliability. 

The solution comprises a chatbot accessible via Perform[cb]'s website interface, engaging visitors with a friendly and intuitive chat window. This chatbot utilizes GenAI to understand diverse customer inquiries, ranging from service details to pricing structures, and provides personalized responses based on Perform[cb]'s curated knowledge base. The infrastructure supporting the chatbot has been deployed using Terraform and data sources include Perform[cb]’s website and internal documentation, stored within Amazon S3. When a visitor interacts with the chatbot, their query hits an Amazon CloudFront endpoint that engages with Amazon API Gateway to facilitate communication with the orchestration Lambda API. Data is pulled using Amazon Kendra from Perform[cb]’s data sources, and Amazon Bedrock is utilized to facilitate natural language interface.

The solution is equipped to log interactions for analysis, helping refine strategies and responses over time. Customization included programming the chatbot to understand and respond to specific queries related to Perform[cb]'s diverse payment structures and services.

The chatbot is also intended to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and its Marketing Cloud Account Engagement software, enabling a direct handoff of qualified leads to the sales team, thereby enhancing the lead qualification process and potentially increasing conversion rates. This strategic implementation of GenAI positions Perform[cb] to revolutionize its digital engagement approach, aligning closely with their innovative marketing solutions and business growth objectives.



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