Health systems operation provider automates CI/CD for Amazon QuickSight and reduces new feature time to release

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6 Months Saved

FTE hours saved towards data infrastructure management



By implementing automated CI/CD deployment processes, Care Logistics can significantly reduce the time required to deliver updates and new features to Amazon QuickSight, expediting the delivery of data visualization solutions and eliminating 6 months of manual FTE effort annually.

Care Logistics empowers hospitals and health systems to solve their most impactful operational challenges through a proven operational model and real-time, actionable insights derived from their data.

Through CareEdge™, Care Logistics's state-of-the-art digital health platform, Care Logistics enables its hospital partners to implement flexible, incremental improvements to care coordination and operational efficiency which help them deliver positive, sustainable results and the best patient care possible.


Care Logistics was looking to improve the management of data analytics assets and dashboards. They also wanted to streamline and accelerate analytics and data enhancement delivery to their healthcare customers. The company partnered with Caylent to establish a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) CI/CD workflow that facilitates automated and seamless promotion of Amazon QuickSight dashboards from their development environment to production.

Care Logistics also required a robust security model and a Business Intelligence Operations (BIOps) workflow that scaled based on demand while ensuring reliability for future development and growth. Finally, they expected to enhance the skill set of their team members by incorporating best practices for building and deploying Amazon QuickSight dashboards.

Eric White
Our partners need to make informed, effective decisions for their healthcare organizations, and our analytics empower them to do so. When we needed a robust infrastructure for our next-generation digital health platform, CareEdge™, we trusted Caylent to deliver.

Eric White

Director, Systems Engineering


Caylent helped Care Logistics deploy a BIOps solution that facilitates the governance and management of business dashboards (built-in Amazon QuickSight) spread across the organization, with autonomy, flexibility, reliability, security, and access control.

The automated deployment process starts when a business analyst or data visualization developer submits a new or updated dashboard by simply sending a message in Slack. Behind the scenes, a Slack bot integration invokes AWS Step Functions, which takes charge of managing the deployment pipeline between environments. It orchestrates the process with logging and notification messages in Slack.

The process includes AWS Lambda functions responsible for managing the Amazon QuickSight asset bundle (exporting and importing). Each step in the process is notified and can be customized depending on the governance requirements, for instance, if a workflow is needed to seek approval before moving forward.

In terms of data security and access controls, the solution effectively handles distinct groups for both external and internal users, ensuring only a single user can view data on the dashboard according to its profile. Data access is granted granularly, leveraging row-level security (RLS) and column-level security (CLS) in Amazon QuickSight.

Caylent engineers also implemented automated data filtering, according to Care Logistics’ requirements for external clients. This is made possible by combining Amazon QuickSight RLS with both tag-based and user-based access capabilities. It allows the usage of a single dashboard with multiple clients, each accessing only the data they need.


By implementing automated CI/CD deployment processes, the organization can significantly reduce the time required to deliver updates, enhancements, and new features to Amazon QuickSight, expediting the delivery of data visualization solutions. This process could take up to 6 months of FTE time, the requirement for which has been completely eliminated.

Additionally, BIOps ensures that all changes to the Amazon QuickSight environment undergo thorough testing, minimizing the risk of introducing bugs or regressions. This meticulous testing enhances the overall stability and reliability of the platform, which is crucial for ensuring data quality assurance.

Care Logistics can also confidently ensure data security for multi-tenant dashboards, allowing each client to exclusively view their own information within a shared dashboard.

Furthermore, the BIOps pipeline fosters collaboration among various data visualization development team members. It facilitates seamless cooperation among developers, testers, and operations personnel, leading to quicker issue resolution and increased productivity during the development lifecycle. It means better Data Governance overall.



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