Digital Sports Streaming Platform Enhances Fan Experiences on AWS

Data Modernization & Analytics

Solution Implemented

Migrated databases from GCP to AWS to consolidate operations and reduce costs.

Utilized Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) for foundational infrastructure setup.

Leveraged AWS's serverless technologies for efficient scaling and operation.

Implemented AWS Database Migration Service for seamless data transfer.

Outcomes Expected

Achieved a swift and seamless transition to AWS, significantly reducing platform downtime.

Enhanced system reliability and scalability, improving broadcasting experience.

Achieved significant cost savings with a more efficient cloud infrastructure, expecting to save up to 25% over three years.

Enabled a more agile and innovative development environment, setting the stage for future advancements in machine learning and content automation.



Revolutionizing Customer Experiences Through Migration to AWS

Sports broadcasting is a colossal global industry, captivating fans who annually spend billions of hours watching and engaging with their favorite teams and athletes. Traditionally, this broadcasting spotlight has been on mainstream sports, leaving enthusiasts of niche disciplines, such as grappling, wrestling, cheerleading, and more, without the high-quality coverage they crave. 

Recognizing this gap, FloSports emerged in 2006 with a mission to extend the premium broadcasting experience familiar to mainstream sports fans to niche sports communities and collegiate athletics. Today, FloSports offers live streaming for more than 200,000 events every year across a diverse selection of collegiate and other underserved sports. Based out of Austin, Texas, FloSports’s suite of content includes live streams and on-demand replays, in addition to first-party content, real-time stats, rankings, news, and more. 

After a period of growth and acquisitions, FloSports recognized a need to consolidate their infrastructure on AWS, optimizing their cost structure and helping them embrace serverless technologies to enhance their ability to scale and innovate. This strategic move not only optimized their platform's performance but also positioned them to take advantage of more sophisticated technologies, enabling them to offer an increasingly better viewer experience and engage with fans in new and exciting ways. The company is exploring machine learning and content automation to enrich their offerings.

Truong-An Thai

"The expertise and support from Caylent during our migration have been valuable to help take advantage of a capable new AWS infrastructure. Their guidance enabled us to not only achieve our technical goals but also to explore new opportunities for innovation and efficiency."

Truong-An Thai

VP of Engineering


FloSports faced challenges with its fragmented cloud infrastructure across GCP and AWS, leading to increased costs and operational complexity, impacting its ability to meet the demands of a rapidly growing audience. The platform's reliance on Cloud SQL and GCP Memorystore for database and caching needs hindered operational efficiency and agility. 

The company’s recently made acquisitions also brought upon a broader swath of AWS-hosted infrastructures. These factors spurred the need for a unified platform that could support FloSports’ rapid growth and innovations in sports broadcasting, while optimizing costs.


The decision to migrate to AWS was driven by FloSports' need for a reliable and scalable cloud environment that aligned with its internal expertise. The solution involved:

  • A comprehensive migration strategy utilizing AWS Cloud Development Kit for infrastructure setup, ensuring a tailored and secure environment.
  • Deployment of AWS Database Migration Service to facilitate a smooth data migration, minimizing downtime.
  • Adoption of serverless technologies and IaC for efficient, scalable application deployment.
  • Customization of caching solutions with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, catering to the high-performance needs of live sports broadcasting.
  • A focus on knowledge transfer and enabling the FloSports team to leverage AWS to its full potential.

During the initial migration phase to AWS, the Caylent team utilized the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) to set up the foundational infrastructure, provisioning Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), network configurations, security groups, and environments for applications and databases. AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) was used for the data migration strategy, establishing a secure connection between GCP and AWS and defining source and target endpoints for efficient data transfer.

The team executed SQL scripts in AWS to replicate database objects such as tables and schemas. For Redis caching, data was migrated to Amazon ElastiCache for Redis.

They conducted thorough validation checks to confirm the integrity and functionality of the AWS setup, covering databases, caches, and network configurations. During the cutover phase, to maintain data consistency, the team paused the GCP application and AWS data replication, making necessary adjustments for a smooth AWS operation transition.

A contingency plan was in place for potential issues, allowing for rollback procedures to revert changes or continue data synchronization as needed, ensuring the team was prepared for any scenario during the migration process.

Jordan Garrison

Caylent has been a great partner for us moving from GCP to AWS. Their expertise and professionalism has given us a clear path forward and cut down the amount of work our team has to do by an order of magnitude. The team and I have learned a lot and are grateful to have the chance to work with them.

Jordan Garrison

Tech Lead Manager DevOps/Infra



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