Fintech purchasing platform maximizes velocity and security through full automation with Terraform and AWS ECS on AWS Fargate

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Order-Caylent Customer Story

Implementing fully automated CI/CD pipelines with the latest version of Terraform, Order are now fully leveraging Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate, and have improved security policies.

Order is an end-to-end purchase-to-pay (P2P) software designed to help align finance and operations teams, foster operational efficiency, increase spend visibility, and be a strategic partner in company growth. From the moment you purchase through the moment you pay, Order works in-stride with your existing vendors, workflows, and software products for a simple, streamlined experience. Trusted by more than 300 brands, Order is empowering organizations from startups to Fortune 1000 companies alike.


Order was experiencing rapid growth as a company and as a consequence, the DevOps work necessary to help the company effectively scale was beginning to impede Order’s velocity. As the DevOps backlog piled up, it consumed resources that would be better utilized in supporting business growth. Order realized that they needed to transfer their DevOps overhead to an experienced team to rapidly solve blockers and free up critical resources.

The company was aware that their current cloud infrastructure required excessive management, and work was needed to make the environment scale effectively, improve visibility and mitigate any security vulnerabilities. The leadership team at Order wanted a flexible partner who would truly lean in for the long haul and not only provide well-architected cloud infrastructure but also proactively identify and recommend improvements to the environment in addition to contributing to the cloud-native strategy of the organization.

Tom Jaklitsch
Caylent has been an invaluable partner in our growth. We've found them to bring the perfect blend of expertise and execution, while blending into the rest of our team improving knowledge, documentation, and general morale. In an industry often lacking in quality, they are a pleasure to work with and I'd highly recommend them for anyone looking to cost effectively level-up their cloud, data, or security operations.

Tom Jaklitsch

Co-Founder & CTO


A Caylent engineering pod was engaged to provide Order with the flexibility and range of AWS skill sets required. Caylent began improving their legacy infrastructure provisioning process by implementing Terraform Cloud and building Terraform CI/CD pipelines unique to Order’s needs. This greatly reduced the number of manual tasks and the time needed to manage, monitor and deploy, adding velocity to future builds.

An area where Order particularly desired support with identifying and implementing best practices, was around security and observability. Caylent and Order’s teams worked closely together and Caylent identified several best practices and policies to improve upon their existing AWS multi-account structure. Caylent also leveraged AWS CloudTrail and Amazon CloudWatch to create log tracking for their AWS environment and Terraform pipelines, enabling Order to have observability and clear understanding of their infrastructure’s operations and performance.

Order’s infrastructure has been transitioning to Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate but had some legacy uses on Amazon ECS on Amazon EC2 which limited security robustness and created unnecessary patching and management work. Caylent quickly identified a route to remediate the blockers and transitioned across the board to Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate. This shift made access sharing significantly easier and more secure across the organization, simplified enabling scalability and removed unnecessary management work by fully leveraging AWS Fargate’s serverless feature set.


This close partnership between our teams has allowed Order to leverage best practices and remediate known gaps in the environment while allowing the organization to continue working at the velocity needed to support their growth. By working with Caylent to create necessary background processes and procedures, as well as offloading core DevOps work, Order’s infrastructure is in a great position to effectively scale without complications.

In addition to implementing fully automated CI/CD pipelines with the latest version of Terraform, Order are now fully leveraging Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate, and have improved security policies.

The next phase of the partnership includes recreating the data architecture critical to their platform, leveraging AWS native tools, completing and remediating a Well-Architected Review, and continued DevOps support and strategy.



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