Next Gen Infrastructure

Organizations are innovating at lightspeed to keep up with the needs of their customers and respond to change faster. The AWS cloud offers the best suite of tools to help companies build infrastructures that can support their applications and workloads today, and power their pace of innovation in the future.

Our Approach

Dominate Tomorrow's Challenges Today

Companies are starting to look at the next iteration of cloud. We are currently in the Modern Cloud Era, where self-managed infrastructure, VMs, SQL servers, are things of the past. Adopters (or Operators) in the Modern Cloud Era are leveraging managed AWS services, where scaling, configuration and patching are all handled by AWS. This next generation infrastructure removes the undifferentiated heavy lifting, freeing up precious technical talent to focus on the company’s product and business outcomes. Building on the Modern Cloud means building IP not IT.

Caylent Catalysts™

Enhanced AWS Control Tower

Establish a secure, compliant Landing Zone- tailored to my requirements through a series of interactive workshops and accelerators, creating a production-ready AWS foundation.

Serverless Applications

AWS’s fully managed services are purpose built to help offload infrastructure management, allowing teams to focus on application code & accelerate their development cycles.

Caylent’s teams have deep experience leveraging AWS services with best practices, towards building platforms for cloud native applications across industries. 

The Serverless Applications Catalyst can help you accelerate the design of new applications & workloads by providing secure, reliable and scalable development foundation, and a pathway to a minimum viable product (MVP).

Case Studies

SEI Novus Modernization
SEI Novus - AWS Modernization

Caylent helped SEI Novus maximize their business velocity by migrating to containers on AWS, stabilizing their workloads, strengthening their security posture and improving developer experience.

SEI Novus - AWS Graviton Enablement

Caylent helped SEI Novus adopt AWS Graviton based EC2 instances for their application, helping them incur cost savings that will grow over time as adoption scales.

Caylent Content Corner

SEI Novus Modernization
Enabling Cost Controls In AWS Control Tower

Learn how enabling cost controls in AWS Control Tower can help you bring down unintended infrastructure expenditure & allocate funds to innovate.


Building Scalable Cloud Foundations with AWS Control Tower

Learn how you can use AWS Control Tower to quickly provision your environment, simplify multi-account management, and build-in security and governance guardrails, allowing you to rapidly resume modernizing and innovating on the cloud.

AWS Control Tower Account Factory for Terraform

Learn how you can leverage AWS Control Tower Account Factory for Terraform to provision and customize AWS accounts through Terraform using a deployment pipeline.

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