Cloud Data Engineering

No matter the size of your organization, you have an incredible amount of valuable data. To fully harness the power of that data, you may need a data lake, a data warehouse and tools to transform, analyze, visualize and to gain insights. Let Caylent help you unlock the power of the data you already have.


The Data Landscape

As a part of your data transformation, there are four main pillars to consider as you pivot to a data-driven organization. Caylent has vast experience in helping organizations of all sizes realize the power of their data. 


Machine Learning

The Caylent team can help absolute beginners derive key insights from their data using Sagemaker Autopilot. For more advanced customers, Caylent can help you get the most from Sagemaker Studio.


Data Management

For those customers who need to improve the structure of their existing data, Caylent provides expert guidance in the usage of Amazon-based relational, NoSQL, time-series, graph and distributed ledger databases.


Analytics & Visualization

For more traditional forms of statistical analysis, Caylent can guide you in the use of Amazon analytics tooling and visualization with QuickSight or Amazon Data Visualization to improve business decision-making.


Data Lakes

For large collections of documents containing unstructured data, Caylent can provide a collection point using Amazon Lake Formation and derive insights from that data using Amazon Athena and Elastic MapReduce.

Customer Stories

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Learn how Order maximized velocity & innovation, transforming their data with analytics capabilities on AWS and utilizing it towards enhancing customer experience & optimizing business operations. 


Learn how Caylent helped Upside leverage AWS to improve the scalability of their platform and implement machine learning capabilities aimed at improving their recommendation engine and customer experience.


How to Get Started with Cloud Data Engineering

Begin turning your data into insights with our Data Modernization Assessment. Whether you’re looking to implement a data lake, operationalize and automate ML deployments, migrate off of commercial databases, gather business intelligence or optimize data flows between systems, Caylent can accelerate your time to insight with cloud native services. 

MLOps Strategy Assessment

Accelerate and operationalize your machine learning initiatives, while offloading infrastructure, data, and automation management from data scientists. Click to learn more. 


Data Modernization Assessment

Accelerate your cloud native adoption journey with immediate access to data engineering & AWS expertise. Click to learn more. 

Serverless Data Lake Catalyst

Quickly implement a low-code data lake for no-code exploratory data analysis. Click to learn more. 


Delivers Insights Faster

With deep expertise in cloud-based data tooling, Caylent can get you from raw, unstructured data to meaningful insights through visualization and reporting in record time. Using our proven Caylent delivery methodology, executed by a team of cloud data experts, your organization will be able to unlock the power of your valuable data.

Our areas of specialization in cloud data engineering include:

We Bring Out the Best in People and Technology

We are forward thinking, exploratory in our approach and pride ourselves on true partnership with our customers. Being a partner means engaging together in a focused effort to drive your vision forward and achieve technical and business results. To accomplish this, Caylent goes beyond the technology to ensure your team gains the knowledge and skills they need.

Satisfaction Rating

What our Customers say about Caylent

Whether they were already cloud native or making the transition to a modern infrastructure, Caylent is trusted by organizations.

"Working together with Caylent, Novus has enjoyed a 50% reduction in total infrastructure spend – including a 54% reduction in daily operational costs – all while seeing our application uptime improve to over 99.9%. Letting Caylent guide us through the Cloud Native landscape has allowed our modest engineering team to remain focused on delivering more features than ever – leading to record revenue growth. "

Noah Zucker, Novus Partners Senior Vice President of Technology

"Caylent has been an excellent partner and thought leader for Hi Marley. The team has consistently delivered on high value projects and worked with our internal SRE team, providing guidance and a best practice approach to building out our AWS infrastructure. We recently expanded our engagement to further develop our SecOps function, a testament to the excellent work the team has done this year."

John Miller, Hi Marley Chief Technology Officer

"With the support from Caylent, Run The World’s service stability is now significantly increased. We never experienced any unintentional down time and thanks to Caylent there are many crucial monitoring and alerts systems built in place to mitigate risk. With the new CI/CD deployment process, the product team is able to spend their time on product releases. All this wraps up to mean we had a great time collaborating with Caylent. "

Xuan Jiang, Run the World Chief Technology Officer