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We are deeply honored to be recognized as an AWS Premier Partner. Premier tier status means that we were recognized by AWS as being the best of the best. And it also means that we’re true subject matter experts on AWS and we know how to deliver the kinds of outcomes our customers need. There is no project too challenging or too complex for Caylent.

Becoming an AWS Premier Partner is a really big deal for us at Caylent. It’s something that we’ve worked very hard towards and what it means is that we’ve really taken the time to master all of the AWS services and products so that customers have a successful journey to the cloud with us.

We really appreciate the diligence AWS puts into validating partners for this elite tier. It’s not about how many competencies or case studies we have. It encompasses the whole business from service delivery excellence to CSATs and even our go-to-market strategy.

Achieving Premier Partnership status is everything to an AWS Partner. Amazon does not give out Premier partnerships easily. You have to earn it. For our team at Caylent, that was the clearest objective as a part of what our overall alliance needed to be running towards. And so every single thing that we’ve done has been in support of driving customer success and through that vision of delivering customer success on AWS, the Premier Partnership path has actually fulfilled itself.

Being recognized as a Premier Partner with AWS means that we’re going to have more opportunities to help empower customers to be cloud native. Becoming a Premier Partner to us, validates our expertise, our capabilities and our quality of service.

It means delivering best practices, developing methodologies that are either repeatable and template-ized if it’s setting up common architectures or being one step ahead with new services so that others can benefit from lessons learned. It means flawless sales execution. Really digging deep and understanding the problem the customer is trying to solve for or the market opportunity that they’re trying to take advantage of.

It also means participating in the AWS programs, be it for sales or delivery, knowing these programs inside out and knowing how to leverage them to bring value to our customers or provide upskilling and education to our delivery teams.

Now that we’ve made it to the top of the AWS partnering tier, we now need to stay there and really set ourselves apart from the other Premier Partners in the ecosystem. We are really excited about this momentous milestone, but at the same time we know that the work is just beginning.

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