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How do you generally recommend that our customers use the AWS Security Hub?

At Caylent, Security is a day zero conversation. Security touches everything, and AWS Security Hub offers a great suite of products that customers can pick and choose from in order to suit their intended use-cases. So we’re not going to recommend all of AWS Security Hub to our customers. We kind of take an à la carte approach to that.

With services like Amazon GuardDuty, Macie Inspector or AWS Firewall Manager, it just depends on what the customer wants. But we use AWS Security Hub to help our customers get the most out of their security footprint in AWS.

What are some of the benefits to utilizing an à la carte approach to security?

With security, there’s oftentimes a larger investment in terms of time and effort upfront. And the ala carte approach to AWS Security Hub really allows you to take a set it and forget it approach to security, where you invest that additional time upfront to implement your security practices the way that your organization needs, and then going forward, we use automation to make iterative changes and updates.

At Caylent, we are equipped with Cloud Security & DevSecOps experts with decades of experience building well-architected solutions on AWS. No matter where you are on your security journey, we can help you strengthen your cloud security posture, and meet rigorous compliance standards. Learn about our security offerings

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